quarantine fish

  1. T

    Online QT and is it good?

    I don't have the means to quarantine fish myself and I was looking unto places to quarantine. People local to me say that all online places have lots of problems and was wondering if that was true and what places people recommend.
  2. L

    quarantine tank question

    Is 11 gallons big enough for a quarantine tank? And how could i quarantine Anthias?
  3. Muffin87

    Using 5.5G plastic container to quarantine nano fish

    Can I use a 5.5G plastic container to quarantine 1 or 2 gobies and similar nano fish for the standard 1.5 month quarantine period with copper? Are there plastics that aren't compatible with copper tretaments? Thanks!
  4. B

    Build Thread Attempting fully disease free tank. Completely quarantined and medicated everything.

    I’m starting a 90 gal mixed tank which I have decided to practice full eradication instead of the management techniques. I’ve run tanks in the past using the dump and pray method and while I generally got lucky I want the peace of mind this time. The tank is a 90gal I got off Facebook...
  5. iFunnny

    Diving into QT for the first time!

    QUARANTINE! I've really dove into the rabbithole of QT. It's not really something that people in my reefing community do on this side of the world and gratefully having the space I thought i'd attempt to do so as best I can. I would appreciate any and all help to improve or remind me of what I...
  6. B

    Please help with building quarantine tank

    Is this a good kit to buy? It's 20 gallons, hood, heater, light, and filter. Only thing I "dont" like is the filter. Will it be good enough for just a few weeks worth of quarantine at a time...
  7. thekoralqueen

    Help setting up emergency QT system

    Hey everyone. So I have a 135g Mixed reef. I believe that my Blue Hippo Tang (newest addition- added 1.5 months ago) got Brooklynella and gave it to my yellow tang. The hippo is looking in very rough shape. Discolored patchy face, jagged fins, not eating and hiding (2 -3 days now). I hadn’t...
  8. M

    Quarantine Tank Cycle?

    I’m planning on starting a new setup with the reefer 350. I want to also build a simple quarantine tank and keep my fish in there while my main tank is cycling(20gal). Now my question is; do I need to cycle the quarantine tank? Or will I be fine if I have the right parameters? along with right...
  9. Brendanb5

    Adding fish to quarantine

    I’m currently quarantining all of my fish and figured while I have the QT up and running it would be a good time to add a new fish. My LFS offered me a great deal on a Yellow Tang, he’s had them in the shop now for over a month, they’re all just under 2 inches, great color and eat well. My QT...
  10. S

    Tang with discoloration near pectoral fin

    I had this tang in QT for about two months. I am new to the QT portion of the hobby. I was lucky enough to go 4 years with adding fish straight to main tank and nothing happened until luck ran out. So now I am being cautious with that being said I did the Cupramine treatment and two freshwater...
  11. Fish.Bum00

    Quarantined Fish For Sale

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad Quarantined Fish For Sale. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  12. mikemathis555

    Cultivated Reef fish buying feedback

    I’m contemplating my first online fish purchase, and wanted to go the route of purchasing from a vendor who provides quarantined fish. I found Cultivated Reef from coral recommendations and found they have fish as well. Their customer service department says their fish are quarantined since...