1. Nagra92

    Which Clamb ? And where to be placed in tank ?

    Please guys guide me which clamb is this and where to be placed in tank ? On live rock or on sand ? and what to feed ?
  2. Nagra92

    Brown & green & Other algae

    Hello guys, i am new in Reef world , my tank is now 3 months Old , and i have this 3 different alagae in my tank Now it is 80 gallaon tank Now can any body guide me how to get rid of this alage ? Is there any Fish ? Or snails ? Or crab which can clear it or i have to do my self ? Or it will...
  3. Nagra92

    EMERGENCY Amonia & Nitrate results & Seachem safe

    Hello guys , i am new in reef tank , my cycle completed with the help of live rock , today i introduced 2 new fish in my tank , i also notice my Amonia & nitrate levels , and i added required amount of Seachem Safe ; so now what should i do ? Wait for amonia to come down ? Or water change ? Or...
  4. Louiemiller9


    So long story short I have been having some algae issues including red (cyno) and this new hair algae (will include photos). I know my tank is never going to be clean but this is starting to take over some of my frag plugs as well as my rockscape and has started to effect my corals and their...
  5. N

    Brooklynella? Treatment? Help please

    I have a 40 gallon reef tank. I have at least 4 different types of coral, 2 red firefish, a watchmen goby, maroon clown, blue legged hermit crab and a Mexican Turbo snail. Everyone eats and acts normal. But I recently noticed a tiny white mucus spot near the tail of the maroon clown. At first I...
  6. Carebearsss.x

    Please help identify. I'm thinking it may be some kind of slug?

    Please help me identify. I'm very new with this. Thinking it could be a sea slug
  7. T

    Dwarf Seahorse care questions?

    Someone please give me care information on the dwarf seahorse (Hippocampus Zosterae). I have done countless hours of research on this species but I want to hear how other take care of their sea horses. Thank you
  8. Bassmaster116

    Boom Corals

    Alright so this is beyond just the convenience stand point, but Quinn over at @BoomCorals is doing things right, great customer service, prices, and selection. I’ve ordered from a couple other places that i have no complaints about as well, but Boom just has alot more high end stuff. Definitely...
  9. rapid

    UV sterilizer in MY REEF TANK !

    Hello ! SO i have installed a uv sterilizer to clear up my newly set up fish tank were about 5 months into it now. there is some live stock and ive added some bacteria to it with the sterilizer off to allow the bacteria to get into the rock !. the Uv sterilizer defintly helped clear the water...
  10. PSX_20190829_193717.jpg


    20 months!!!!
  11. ccurnick

    Virginia SCA-302 Skimmer + unused body

    As the title states, I have a lightly used (3-4 months) SCA-302 skimmer. It worked great for me, but I decided to go with a Reef Octopus Regal for a bit more horsepower. I also have a brand new in box skimmer body. $145 for the used skimmer + pump $70 for the new body with no pump. Buyer...
  12. Curryb15

    AIO Build AIO drop off from innovative marine.

    Hello all , my name is Brian. I am not new to reef keeping, it’s a passion that I hold true to my heart and helps me disconnect from the world. I was recently faced with a hard decision, life was pulling me away from my tank which is a 55 gal cube. I did not want to give up the hobby because I...
  13. kdino

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all have a great day! -Kyle
  14. Brian Goldstein

    Help me identify this Acropora!

    Hello Reefers- I bought a frag off of this colony today. All my LFS said was that it is an Acropora from Australia. When he first got the colony in it was almost transparent with a shade of blue.. Currently, it is a really pretty shade of pink. Would really appreciate if someone could help...
  15. Curryb15

    Help me decide on new LPS corals

    hey all like the tittle says I need help on deciding what corals I want to buy at RAP NY in June? My tank is a 55 cube that has all lps and 2 birds nest mixed in. I also have a few different kinds of mushrooms. My main focus thus far has been euphylia but I want to expand into some other kinds...
  16. Curryb15

    Exciting new products from RAP

    hey all I was just watching some YouTube videos from RAP and got very exited for this new roller Mat coming out. Essentially it inserts right into the filter sock hole and is made for people with smaller sumps. I hate changing my filter sock a few times a week. This would solve that problem...
  17. Bran415

    Build Thread Who loves black sand

    Hi team who loves black sand just let me know what your preference is..
  18. Bran415

    Nano Build How much live rock should I put in to my 55 gallon reef

    Hi everyone I was just wondering how much live rock is everyone putting in to there 55 gallon reef tank let know what everyone's opinion or ideas or suggestions thanks everyone
  19. tristanfish

    FS: Collector Rainbow Acanthophyllia ‘Meat’ Coral

    Hello R2R, Letting go one of my collector pieces. A fave of mine. Price-$950 shipped The usual shipping policy and DOA. Overnight, styrofoam with heat packs as necessary. Pictures taken: Lights-Under reefbrite with blue plus Camera-70d Lens-100mm Thanks for peeking, BrooklynChem
  20. AshwinRavi

    stand for 75G reef

    Hello all, I got a 75Gallon aquarium in a very good shape(48x18x21) for free recently from a friend, the stand was in a very bad so we had to discard it. before building a DIY with 2x4, I was wondering if anyone has given this a thought...
  21. Curryb15

    That one crazy fish

    As I move closer to putting a stock list into motion on my new build, I can't help but think about some of the stories I've read about that one fish with a crazy or outgoing personality. I figured it would be cool for everyone to post stories of different fish and the antics they are up to in...