1. Elbereth

    Seachem Reef Advantage Magnesium with Tropic Marin Carbocalcium?

    I'm a relative newbie to dosing and I'm trying to educate myself as much as I can but with limited time to read up on it, I can't make an informed decision on my own right now. I've been dosing with baked baking soda and calcium chloride but I'd like to try Tropic Marin's Carbocalcium because it...
  2. 8

    What is better? Seachem PhosGuard, PhosNet, or PhosBond

    What is better? Seachem PhosGuard, PhosNet, or PhosBond? Why? All of the labels make it seem like they all serve the same purpose? Thank you!
  3. Jarbour14

    Massachusetts Additives & More For Sale, Pickup or Shipped

    All items have either not been opened or have been used once and resealed. Redsea Algae Management no3po4-x Redsea Reef Energy Plus Coral Nutrition AB+ Seachem Reef Builder Seachem Reef Advantage Calcium API High Range pH Test Kit API KH Test Kit API Calcium Test Kit Hikari Seaweed Extreme...
  4. jackalexander

    Help with quarantine

    I just treated with focus + kanaplex + metroplex for 14 days then 14 days of copper and now 14 days of observation. During this period, I have been doing frequent water changes bringing copper down to 0.33ppm. I am preparing for 2 melanurus wrasses and I’m wondering how I can get copper to a...
  5. M

    What skimmer for 50G heavy bioload with automatic filter roller

    I have a 50G where I mostly keep LPS and tubastrea. But I wanna keep NPS soft corals (i.e. red finger gorgonian) later down the road, so I'd consider this a heavy bioload 50G. ;DeadCurrent setup and problem. Originally, I only used a skimmer for mechanical filtration so I got an oversized one...
  6. Karen00

    Can Seachem's phytoplankton be used to start a culture?

    Hello fellow salties, I finally dipped my toe into the wonderful world of salt. It's a 5g brackish setup so I don't know if it qualifies for the build thread section but nonetheless I love mixing up my bucket of salt and checking it with my refractometer and making sure it matches my tank. It...
  7. #R_TST

    What additives should I have on hand for fish, soft, sps, lps tank?

    I know I will need to test before doing additives. I don't have a LFS nearby and want to get some supplies in advance. My tank has been cycling and I want to be ready as I stock my tank. What additives should I have on hand for fish, soft, sps, and lps reef tank? I obviously won't have all of...
  8. Lizzybxi

    Seachem Tidal (50,75) vs. Aquaclear (70)

    Hi I'm debating which HOB filter to buy. I was planning on turning them into DIY refugium with chaeto. I know the Aquaclear filters are super popular for the diy hob refugium but I seriously dislike that it doesn't self-prime. I have yet to see anySeachem tidal refugium diy which is why im...
  9. Fer21

    Seachem Flourish to increase PO4 and NO3

    Hello, I’m battling with Dino’s and I’m going to dose flourish phosphate and nitrogen to increase muy nutrients. I have use Seachem Dosage Calculator and here it’s what’s the recommended dosage for my tank. I have the following questions: 1.Did I put the correct measurements? 2. Do you dose...
  10. Grosea13

    How can Seachem Stability work in both salt and fresh?

    So i have always kept Cichlids and decided to setup a 20 gal reef tank beside my bed. I bought a 6 gallon setup from a guy which already had fish. Parameters were stable and there was alot of bio media in the mini sump. So I added that to the 20 gal setup. Saw some ammonia last night and my...
  11. D

    Seachem focus alternative?

    So where i live, i can’t find seachem focus for medicating general cure, even online unless i want to ship it overseas. Ive heard plain agar can be used as an alternative. So will it make it reef safe like focus? And how should i prepare it (ratio etc) do i blender the food and make a chunk that...
  12. AquaNerd

    Seachem introduces Tidal 35 for Small Tank Filtration
  13. AquaNerd

    New from Seachem - aquavitro bond plastic adhesive Visit AquaNerd to learn more about bond...not James Bond.
  14. ArialReef

    Too Much Matrix?

    So, I recently bought a 250ml bottle of Seachem Matrix. It says on the bottle that I should use the whole bottle for 25 Gallons of water. Currently, my water volume is about 13 Gallons. Can I use the whole bottle? Or should I follow the instructions? Also, in which part of the sump should I put...
  15. CoralManz

    Build Thread Mr. Aqua 3g Pico

    Dimensions: 11.8" x 7.0" x 8.3" Volume: 1.76G(overall) 2.5G(empty) Lighting: 3 x 12" TrueLumen Pro Strips Equipment: AquaClear 20 Heater: none yet (usually maintained at 78–80º F) Circulation: Might add a small powerhead later on Photoperiod: Planning on running it at full power for 8 hrs or...
  16. Roggio

    Putting Pond Matrix to the test now that Marinepure is out!

    After Marinepure was confirmed to release Aluminum by Ryan at BRS I decided to put Seachem's Matrix to the test. There's tons of great reviews out there that claim Nitrates dropped in less than a week at times. While I don't think this will be the case I decided to run my own experiment. The...
  17. Roggio

    How I dropped nitrates on a large system without water changes

    Backstory _______________________________ Let me start by saying I had a 600 gallon system with 100+ fish that ran well for years. I hardly attended to it because I was on the road for two, almost three years straight. Due to a large mangrove population and some rocks that had been cycled 15+...