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  1. beehive124

    29 Gallon Aquarium Stocking Ideas?

    Hello folks! I currently have a standard 29 gallon aquarium with a pair of Clowns, 1 yasha goby, 1 tiger pistol shrimp, a ton of hermit crabs, and a few snails. I was thinking to add a royal gramma and one other fish that catches people’s eyes, and is different from the other fish in the tank. I...
  2. F

    My Tank - stocking help and advice - new here thanks

    Hi Guys, TLDR: I would like help with stocking. Should I rearrange my rock work to stop aggression when adding new fish. Ways to get fish to eat in qt Would these fish be good to add: any points of importance to know. This is my first time creating a post so I hope its in the right spot...
  3. Schraufabagel

    Fish Stock Input

    Hey guys. My tank has been cycled and running for about a month now. I have a 25 gallon tank that I plan to stock with lots of macro algae, soft corals, and LPS. I will also have feather dusters and gorgonians. I will be stocking my tank in the first/second week of June. My current stocking...
  4. Beaker1811

    40 Gallon Breeder Stocking Suggestions

    I have decided to convert my 20 Gallon tank into a much-needed quarantine tank and shift the current inhabitants to a new 40 gallon breeder once it cycles. I'm looking for suggestions for compatible tank mates. This will be a soft coral reef tank, so I don't need anything that will munch on my...
  5. L

    Water Box 105.04 Stocking Ideas

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had stocking ideas for the Waterbox FRAG 105.04? The tank is 47.2"×23.6"×16.1". As of right now all that I am certain on is the basic pair of Ocellaris Clowns. I'm quite interested in the idea of getting a tang as well -- obviously w/ a 4ft tank my options are...
  6. D

    Stocking Tank

    I need help with ideas for my 36 gallon saltwater tank. I currently have a watchman goby and a lawnmower blenny. Both are super peaceful. I definitely would like to add a pair of clown fish, I'm not sure if I can add much more then that. However if I can, I would love some ideas.
  7. Gonj

    Stocking suggestion for 55g?

    I recently got a waterbox 85.3 frag tank, according to the sticker the display up top is about 55 gallons rest is in the sump. was wondering if anyone can share input on colorful interactive fish, nothing too skittish , goal is a reef tank so preferably reef safe or with caution would be good...
  8. N

    20 gallon stocking ideas?

    hey, I currently have a 20 gallon long and I am looking for stocking ideas, any ideas will be appreciated, for corals I know I will have zoas, but any long term stocking ideas will be nice, something that can clean algae will be great
  9. adamlodge14

    55 gallon stocking

    Hi, I am curious about 55 gallon stocking. I don’t have a 55 gallon, I’m just really interested in what could live with a pair of maroon clowns in a 55 gallon. I know they can be very aggressive so what other stocking would you recommend to go with them in a 55 gallon?
  10. adamlodge14

    Fluval evo stocking

    Hi, I am thinking about stocking for my 15 gallon that has been running almost 2 months now (I only have a few softies atm) In terms of fish I was thinking I would get 1 clownfish, 1 possum wrasse, 1 Yasha goby/shrimp pair and 1 royal gramma. I am thinking about getting a pair of clownfish...
  11. N

    20 gallon long stocking options

    Hey! I'm new to this forum and as well as the saltwater hobby, I have a 20 gallon long freshwater tank that houses some fish and I am looking for future stocking options, I am planning in converting the tank from freshwater to saltwater I am planning on getting the sand for saltwater, the...
  12. northwest_fish_keeping_

    Stocking ideas for a 20 gallon with weird dimensions?

    Hi! So just like the title hints at, I'm getting a new UNS 60U to replace my 5 gallon the cracked and broke. And seeing as the dimensions are quite strange: 23.6L x 14.6W x 14.6T , so I feel like I need to change up some stocking options that would fit a standard 20 High or 20 long, so, any...
  13. Zoa_Fanatic

    Recommendations for tank stocking

    I’ve got a 32 gallon biocube led. It’s currently occupant is one four stripe damsel and a ****ton of coral. I’m moving my damsel to my new 16 gallon. I want to know what would work best in my 32. My wife is insistent on clowns. I’m thinking some common clowns. Small ones. next I want to add...
  14. F

    30 Gallon Tank: What would you stock?

    Hi Everyone! I've tried saltwater aquariums once before, but I'm finally ready (ish) to turn my 29 gallon tall+10 gallon sump into a saltwater aquarium. I'm curious as to what you all would do and what your thoughts are, but I'd also love any recommendations with the criteria below. What I'm...
  15. Zoa_Fanatic

    Clownfish help please

    I’m looking at getting a pair of clownfish for my 32 gallon. Is there a species I can get that won’t be belligerent toward other tank mates? I plan on adding some pajama cardinals, an orchid dottyback, and possibly some type of corris wrasse to the tank. Should I go with a solo clownfish? I had...
  16. Zoa_Fanatic

    Biocube 32 led stocking ideas

    I’ve been running a nanocube or biocube for 7 years now. In that time I’ve had an engineer goby (who just passed at age 10 and nearly 2ft long) and a four stripe damsel the whole time. A Madagascar clownfish, green corris wrasse, and coral beauty angel have all passed through. I had to get rid...
  17. willstruck

    Need some ideas

    Hi currently I am working on setting up a 25 gallon reef tank, the dimensions are 24 by 15.7 by 15.7 inches and I can’t decide on stocking, so I was wondering if anyone has any cool ideas for a cool centerpiece fish?
  18. James210ReefLife

    Stocking options 210g

    Getting so close to finally filling the 210 I should start researching what I can add. Currently in the 75 we have 1 yellow anglefish, 1 blue eye tang, 2 ocellaris clowns, and 1 filefish. The filefish will be returned to the lfs. He took care of the aiptasia and then moved on to the zoa garden...
  19. D

    Fish Stock Question.

    Hi guys I currently have a 160 gallon 4ft long reef tank with the stocking listed below. I would like to also purchase a yellow and tomini tang but am unsure if this would be over stocking the tank. Nitrates and phosphates dont appear to be an issue as they're both reading 0 although I do still...
  20. HawaiiTanks808

    Ideas for colorful fish that swim in the mid to top tank

    I have a 75 gallon FOWLR system, it currently has: 2 clown pairs (one ocellaris pair, one black ocellaris pair) 1 blue spotted goby 1 mandarin goby 1 hawaiian white spot puffer 1 tidepool blenny 1 scooter blenny 1 pajama cardinal 1 neon dottyback Im wanting a colorful fish that swims in the...
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