stocking ideas

  1. Dad2Wyatt

    Coral Stocking Plan

    How do you all go about deciding where to place your corals? I’m not talking about high or low light/flow, but more so where within the area of the tank they would succeed? I’ve narrowed down a list of possible corals I’d like to add, but haven’t been able to pull the trigger on any because I...
  2. Dad2Wyatt

    How does my 55 gallon stock plan look?

    I currently have a juvenile ocellaris clownfish and an orange ricordea mushroom in my tank. In order I am thinking of adding these fish though I’m not sure if adding all of these are possible or if I would need to cut down. black and white ocellaris clown Royal gramma or carpenters wrasse...
  3. zbever

    75 Gallon Stocking List

    Hello! I am setting up my first saltwater tank. I hope to make a beautiful reef tank in the future. I am starting with my fish until I can afford to light for my coral dreams. I have been keeping fresh water for over 10 years. Right now I am working with a standard 75 gallon. I am...
  4. T

    Thoughts on stocking

    I recently purchased a waterbox infinia 125.3 and I am looking for input on my plans for stocking the tank. The DT is 85.9 gallons and the dimensions are 40.9×23.6×22.6. Here's what I'm thinking for fish: 2 ocellaris clownfish 3-5 anthias of some sort (I'm looking for suggestions) goby + pistol...
  5. Brendanb5

    55 gallon stocking ideas

    I have a 55 gallon display with a 20 gallon sump. Moving over from my 32 biocube is a pair of clowns, a Royal gramma, a tailspot blenny, and a tiger pistol shrimp. The pistol used to be paired with a watchman goby and I’d like to get him another goby, looking for suggestions on what other gobies...
  6. alishasreef

    30G Reef Tank Stocking

    Hi everyone! I’m currently looking at my reefs stock and trying to find the general “rule” for stocking reef tanks. For context I have a 164L 36 gallon tank with a sump, skimmer, live rock, refugium and it is 2 years old, i’m still slightly newer to corals so it’s a whole new ballpark! i’m...
  7. C

    Nano Build Stocking Feedback & Advice - IM Lagoon 25

    Been working on getting a new IM Lagoon 25 tank setup which is currently cycling. So starting to get more serious about thoughts on stocking. The tank is mostly for my kids so they have requested a few of the options. Looking for advice on if this combo would work well and then in what order...
  8. N

    220 Gallon predator Stock List Help

    Hey Everyone, I recently set up my tank and currently it houses ten blue damsels. I have a service that will maintain it and they set it all up for me but im in charge of stocking it. I have a Wishlist and I want to know if im missing anything good or if some are not compatible. The guy running...
  9. YNWA97

    RedSea Reefer 350 stocking

    Hey everyone I am looking for help & suggestions for stocking my red sea 350 (91 total system gallons). It has been been up and running stable for a few months. I currently have a bubble magus curve 7 skimmer running and plan to also utilize a refugium in the near future to control the bio load...
  10. MmeAssoc

    Experiences with elegance?

    Hi everyone, I've just set up a tank, and I think I'm awhile off from adding any corals, but I'd like to hear what people think of elegance corals. They're one of the corals that inspired me to start a saltwater tank - I think they're absolutely beautiful! But since becoming more active on...
  11. M

    Stocking help

    Hello all! i just started setting up my new Red sea 170 and got a bicolor blenny already, i also have a Kauderni and two clowns that are waiting te be added in the new tank. I'm not sure what to do, can i ad one more fish or should i leave it and if i can add a fish what are nice community fish...
  12. J

    Advise with stocking 40 gal.

    Hey guys, I got a general idea of what I want to put into my 40 gal reef tank, let me know what you guys think! - 2x Ocellaris Clownfish - 1-3x Green/Blue Chromis (undecided as to how many) - 1x Yellow Watchman/Wheeler Goby (undecided and plan to pair with pistol shrimp) - 1x Kaudern Cardinal...
  13. Sawyer Breslow

    Stocking 65gal

    Hello! Thinking about adding another fish or two to my 65gal aquarium. Dimensions are 36”x20”x21”. I currently have the following: - Two clownfish - lawnmower blenny - Tomini Tang, - Melanurus Wrasse - Pink Spot Goby Any ideas?
  14. J

    Need ideas for stocking a 40 gallon breeder

    Hey guys, I’m currently in the process of planning a 40 gallon reef tank and need ideas for stocking. I definitely plan on keeping 2 clownfish and a cleaner shrimp. Other than that, I’m not sure what else I would want to put in the tank. What will make a good clean up crew? Also what other fish...
  15. Anthrilliel

    Moving from 30 to 70 gallon (probably with the 30 as a sump) stocking list

    I have has my tank for almost a year now and I think it is time to give my scaly friends some more room. I plan on setting up the new tank and cycling it, then slowly add the fish from the 30 to the 70, along with the corals and CUC. This is what I currently have in the tank: I would...
  16. E

    Four-Line Cleaner Wrasse and Yellow Banded Possum Wrasse Compatibility

    I've had a Four-Line Cleaner Wrasse for a couples of months now. He doesn't really bother anyone at all. Whenever I add a new fish he just leaves them alone. I would like to get a pair of Possum Wrasse. I have a Red Sea Reefer 350 so it would be enough space for them but I just want to make sure...
  17. W

    Upgrading tank and need some stocking advice

    My brand new Red Sea max 650 is arriving on Friday, which will replace my first 55g tank. My current fish stock is 2 yellowtail damsels, a six line wrasse and two black percula clowns. Basically I have 5 ****** fish that will be moved into the new tank. I would like some advice on what fish...
  18. Ascartes

    Fish Stocking Suggestions 90g

    Hello again everyone, So I have a 90g reef tank (4ftx2ftx18inch) with a CWT 50 -36" sump and the reef octopus classic 150int 6" skimmer just for background on filtration. I've also got a split breeder box with 2 different macro algae in there too. I currently have 1x Tomini Tang 1x White Tail...
  19. Afkomjorgen

    Stocking ideas for my new 48 gallon!

    Hey! I just upgraded to a 48! Current set up is 29 bow with two clownfish that’s been running for 2 years. Used to have a diamond goby but he got too big ( wish I’d kept him now, he was a great fish). the new tank is 48 gallons with a 14 gallon sump. what fish could be good additions? I’d...
  20. S

    Hello Going to start a 90 gallon reef tank, and need some stocking ideas. Anyone have any ideas?

    Hey guys getting back into the hobby! Just wondering what some stocking ideas might be for a 90 gallon?
  21. MakoManc

    Unique livestock options

    I’m getting ready to stock my Waterbox 20 but I’m still undecided on what fish to get. Im going for an SPS dominant mixed reef, Im wanting something that’s a little out of the ordinary. I was looking into the mimic Blacksaddle filefish but after reading more about them it doesn’t seem like they...
  22. Schraufabagel

    Looking for suggestions for additional fish

    I have a 25 gallon tank. Currently stocked with 2 clownfish, Banggai cardinal, and a sharknose goby. I got a clown goby, but haven’t seen him in weeks, even during feeding, so I’m pretty certain he’s dead somewhere. My nitrates and phosphates have been very low even with daily feeding. I’m...
  23. Y

    20G stocking help/suggestions!

    Hey all! Looking for some advice on stocking for my 20G AIO cube. I’ve settled on a few fish, some must haves, and some I’m unsure about. Must haves: - 2x Ocellaris Clowns - A skunk cleaner shrimp (open to recommendation for different shrimp) - Snails (Nassarius and/or trochus) - Blenny of...
  24. nsroberts

    75 gallon fish stocking

    Is this overstocked Or bad stocking for a 75? This only includes the fish though 2 black storm clowns 8-10 blue green chromis 1 flasher wrasse 1 starry blenny 2-3 neon/cleaner/shark nose gobies 1 mated pair of orange striped prawn gobies 1 geometric Pygmy hawk
  25. GroverCleveland

    Tankmates for longhorn cowfish

    I am upgrading to a Red Sea Reefer 525 XL, I already have a Longhorn Cowfish, green chromis, 2 clowns and a watchman goby. The Cowfish is the king of my tank as far as I’m concerned, but with the big 525 XL I was planning on adding more fish, just would like people’s thoughts on which...