torch advice

  1. MattPLaw

    New torch, will it heal?

    Hello all! I just purchased what looked like a healthy torch frag, but when I got it home I noticed an issue. With the polyp receded I could see that part of the skeleton is exposed and flesh is gone from a sliver of the skeleton. It has been in my tank for about an hour and a half now and it...
  2. B

    Need help IDing eggs/stuff growing or torch

    Anyone know what these eggs on my torch are from? Struggling to find anything similar. Or what the brown/black thing is growing on the base of the torch?
  3. J

    Torch Problems but rest to TANK AMAZING See FOTOS and HELP

    Hi everyone, I don't know what wrong with some of my torches the rest of the tank its perfect. I do a water change every day with AWC my tank parameters are Nitrates 10 Phosphate .04 , Calcium 480, Magensium 1430, Alk 7.4 . I have try dipping them in coral X and in some antibiotic also and...
  4. T

    What are these things on my Torch Coral and other things in the dry rock i bought during cycle???

    Hey guys, First ever marine reef tank, this reef is about a month old and i can’t find answers anywhere as to what these are on my torch coral’s skeleton/i probably dont even know how to phrase my google search lol (First pic). Second question i have is what are these things that just popped...
  5. J

    Is it a sponge?

    Hi all! For a little while now, my torch has had this clear white spongey stuff growing on its base and the past two days the torch hasn’t been out as much. Last month, I took it out to dip it and I carefully used a knife to scrape this stuff off. It was crunchy and sponge like but I managed to...
  6. C

    Torch coral base elongated with short tentacles

    Hello, first time poster here. Has anyone seen a torch do this? I’ve found one other thread but it seems there was no conclusion. My parameters: Alk: 11 Cal: 430 Mag: 1500 Nitrates: 10 PO3: .03 Could it he potentially be splitting? It’s been like this for around 2 weeks. Flow could...
  7. J

    Torch splitting

    One of the heads earlier closed up then opend now these two heads closed up is it splitting or stressed third pic is the torch a couple of days ago
  8. musaabi

    NY Knicks torch black tips, bailout

    I have a NY Knicks torch that has been doing really well and actually grew a couple of heads. One day noticed 3 of 4 heads weren’t extending and had black tips. The head receded heavily, what covered almost the entire Skelton was gone and looked like it was balling over a couple of days. I did...
  9. jgabbsxx

    Worm looking thing on torch?

    Hello! I have a torch I am having problems with. It is usually my largest torch in the tank but I noticed these clusters on my torch today and have zero clue what they are. Any help?
  10. Cole_Voeller

    Maintain Torch Coral Color

    Hello all! So I have a good bit of Dragon Soul, Gold and 24K, Jester, and etc. torches. They look amazing when I first add them Into my tank, but over time I always lose the really bright coloration. The tentacles begin to look somewhat clear under white lights, and I only see the intense...
  11. tzabor10

    Worm ID

    Been trying to ID this worm on the side of a rescue coral. It is a hard shell with the mouth on the left side. I think the coral is a torch, but still recovering. The coral has white milky stuff coming off every few days.
  12. Macsreefs

    New torches dying

    I’ve done researching and can’t figure out what it is. all of my parameters are stable and normal. Fish store says my water test is good. All my other corals look very happy. Went to get myself a new Christmas present a nice torch coral and in within a day I could already see him starting to...
  13. ReefNoob5281

    Is My Torch Coral On It's Way Out

    Morning All. I woke up this morning to find my torch coral like this. Has it been attacked by something or is it just on its way out? Sods law its the most expensive coral in the tank aswell. Tank parameters that I check are. dkh:- 11 Phosphate:-0.01 Salinity:- 1.024 amonia:- 0 I have...
  14. CaptainW

    Torch Coral - base issue

    Acquired this Torch coral at the end of August. It seems to be doing well, but I am having an issue with it's base. Over the last month it's been coming apart: I have seen bristleworms in my tank, and added a peppermint shrimp at the same time as the torch.. Could my Halloween hermit crab be...
  15. K

    Friend or Foe on my torch?

    Hey everyone! Need some help! Does this look like aptaisia on my torch? Or maybe tube worms? In any case any tips would be helpful. The torch is already one week in my tank, properly dipped and have been looking healthy since day one and still does but I noticed this earlier today and thought I...
  16. G

    Torch coral. Is it splitting or stressed?

    Good afternoon reefers. So i have read that the trunk splits first then the flesh part. Is this splitting or just going to have multiple heads? How do torch corals get a wider trunk? It looks too top heavy. Had it less than 2 weeks and this has happened rather quickly. Is there anything i should...
  17. jgabbsxx

    Torch with black dots & damaged tentacles?

    Hi Reefers! I purchased a Hellfire Torch and got it into the tank today. I did do a CoralRX dip before putting it in there, but when I came home from work I noticed a bunch of these black little dots on the tentacles and what seems to be some of the tentacle tips to be “ripped” off. Any clue...
  18. B

    New torch coral acclimating?

    I got my first torch! The bluest photo was from when I brought it home from the lfs. I have had it about a week. I don’t seems to see the skin receding but the tentacles are reaching. Is this just due to it acclimating to my light and flow? Or is it a sign of a bigger problem? Thanks!
  19. M

    Help! Torch coral

    Can some one tell me why my torch coral look like this??? I’m very new to keeping corals and I don’t know what to do! Only thing that changed today was the weather, it got cold today but my heater working just fine.
  20. jwood73

    Angry torch coral - flaccid for 3-4 weeks.

    I upsized tanks about a month ago and everyone is happy except for my torch coral. My torch seems flaccid/deflated, and it is not extending out its tentacles like normal. I have moved it twice after trying a spot for 2 weeks at a time. Currently it’s half way up in my water column and getting...
  21. C

    What kind of torch is this.

    got it as a gift for doing a favor and want to know if it’s a good deal or not.
  22. hexcolor reef

    Blue Torch with Pink tips RARE!???

    I have a blue torch with pink tips. Can’t find anything online about this color combo. Tried to look it in the forum section on R2R but no luck. Any one else own or seen a blue torch with pink tips? Blue velvet tentacles (I added a color block pic as an example of color in tentacles) Tips Pink
  23. Cole_Voeller

    Torch Tissue Recession

    Hello all, So a little while ago, I had a huge issue arise with my frag tank. A lot of my LPS was killed, and everything that was still alive I had to throw into a 10 gallon coral quarantine tank. Between what happened, the transfer, and the unstable parameters of so many frags in such a small...
  24. W

    Can someone help me figure out what’s wrong with my torch

    I’ve had this torch coral for about 4 months now and recently has been looking like this. It looks like the head of the torch is showing and it’s almost pushing itself out to show its head rather than the thick tentacles covering it. My two other torches are doing just fine and have thick...
  25. Aubers

    Interesting splitting torch?

    Have this hellfire I caught with the lights out doing an interesting split pattern. Has anyone seen this before? Thanks!