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AI light spectrum


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Aug 6, 2020
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San Mateo county
Hi, I am new here and am hoping someone can help with my lighting questions. I purchased a 10g nano reef tank a year ago. My corals are not doing well and I think lighting may be the issue. Can someone tell me what a good general setting would be. I currently have my purples and blues at 30%, green and red at 0% and white at 7%. my zoas are not thriving my Duncan and dendro are doing okay my goniastrea is dying, my stilo and blue belle died and I am very worried about my torch coral. it used to free flow with 1-2 inch polyps and now it is inside with only a few 1/4 inch polyps sticking out! I really need help. According to my LFS my parameters are good. Thank you Lisa

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Apr 12, 2019
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It’s a cube 10g so about 15/16 inches
I think that it would be a good idea to rent a par meter. I do think that you could raise up the channels but without a par meter it is difficult to get a clear view of your light.

As for your water, do you regularly test and dose alk, calcium, and magnesium?

How often do you have some type of algae issue?

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