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Jan 28, 2020
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Hello everyone, just wanted to confess that after about four or five years off reef tank sobriety, I have climbed back into the bottle (or tank) and this time I'm not looking back lol. My addiction began at the age of about 10 with a complete 10 gallon freshwater setup, courtesy of my older brother who saw my interest in anything under water.. when I say complete I'm not exaggerating.. I would have been thrilled just to have a shiny new glass cage that could hold water and the fascinating creatures that thrive in it, but he went all out, using his employee discount from the local garden shop that sold small pets and supplies ( most likely to stay in business through the winter months) . Anyway, he created the monster that I am by purchasing the "complete setup ", because for me, and I suspect many of you, the fish, were only one small part of the obsession. This little glass box also contained a small hard cover book, with glossy color illustrations, scientific names, spec's for size and diet, temperature, native habitats, compatibility, for many dozens of the most common and well known species of tropical fish. Also it described the method that was used to keep them in captivity successfully, a step by step instruction manual from setup to routine maintenance, and the reasons for each step and procedure. Also included was an appropriate sized bag of painted gravel, purple and blue I think, an under gravel filter plate, two clear plastic tubes, a few feet of air line, air stones, air pump, a plastic lid with built in access dor for feeding, as well as built in 25 watt incandescent bulbs, a castle with a moat that when hooked up to air supply the bridge would go up and down with bubbles.. and probably my favorite part was the background sheet that you taped to the glass so it looked like you were staring right at the bottom of the sea.. I remember setting up the aquarium, reading each page over and over, learning about each component, how it worked, and often how it didn't.. and for the past 3 or four decades, I've been chasing that feeling, until I finally gave up. Took down my last tank, gave it away as well all of my lifetime collection of supplies. Almost didn't even look back. But there is no cure. A few years slipped by, I was distracted enough to not really miss it. But the time away creates a void inside, and it needs to be filled. Also in this life, you can't blink your eyes, without missing new techniques, new technologies, and even new livestock.. tonight I filled up my newest tank. This one feels like my tank of a lifetime. My holy grail. The best of all my attempts. But it probably won't be. That's ok, I can always upgrade! Cheers
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Aug 20, 2019
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Lisbon, Portugal
I was away for 3 years because of health problems and I could never stop thinking about aquariums and when I passed a store I always had to get in. Never for a moment it passed my mind to never had an aquarium again.
That was 10 years ago. When I moved to my new house, after getting better, 7 years ago, the first thing I looked for was a space to put my 60 liter tank. Started with some freshwater shrimp, had to setup my 30 liter also because of the lineage.
By now I have 7 tanks, one of which was setup 5 months ago, my first saltwater tank.
I know what you mean... this is one of the things that anyone who loves it, has to return.
Good luck to you and please share your experience.
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