First Attempt at Hard Plumbing

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Feb 18, 2020
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Only problem now is that I’m getting to the point where I can just get a new pump with an adjustable flow for the same amount it would cost to re-plumb everything.
My plumbing cost is just about on par with the price of the pump. Although that did include some extra fittings and unions so that I knew I had them if needed.


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May 10, 2020
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New York
Having a durso in the first place seems like a bad idea comparative to other options. That said I work from home and there is someone home 100% of the time at my house so I don't feel too uncomfortable. For me it will be a temporary problem as my wife has given me the go ahead to replace our breakfast bar with a 180. 2 months into the hobby and already planning an upgrade...this may have been a bad idea for my wallet.
I agree on the durso, I have one myself and may eventually redo the plumbing and use both holes for drains, and go over the top for return line. For now I have a sensor that will turn off main pump if the over flow fills too high.
Your worried about the restriction of 90s but putting a valve on your return line to restrict it. Putting a restriction on the return is going to increase the head pressure on the pump which will wear it out faster
Restricting the flow on a centrifugal pump will only cuase the water inside to heat up faster. The restriction of the water doesn't do anything to slow down the rotation of the pump itself. It will not produce any extra mechanical ware on any components.


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Sep 3, 2019
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Actual engineer who ran the numbers: if you are creating a JOG, then TWO 90s replaced by TWO 45s does create slightly less back pressure. However, ONE 90 replaced by TWO 45s has almost no impact. it is only when replacing one for one that it matters. Two 45s for one 90 isn’t a savings.

On the topic of pumps, look at the flow chart if you can find them. Some pumps actually run more efficiently with a certain amount of back pressure. This has to do with the impeller and housing geometry. Not all pumps are the same. However, I’ve never seen evidence that adding some restriction to control flow rate slightly has any impact on pump life. Other things like keeping things clean to prevent fouling or damage are more likely to destroy a pump. Back pressure that the pump is designed to work against, not so much.

Happy Reefing.
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