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Fish and Corals for sale. Colonies, LG Frags, fish and inverts

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Jeff Evrard

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Jul 23, 2016
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Aquarium 90g bow front w/ cabinet $50

Aquarium 120 rimless w/ cabinet. $400

20 G Sump $20

25 G Sump $30

50 G Sump Rubbermaid - drilled and plumbed. $75

Iwaki Pump 100. $75

Iwaki Pump 70. $50

Mag Pump 12b. $20

Blue Line 55 Pump $40

Reef Octopus 200int Skimmer w/ lots of extras $150

Radion XR30 G1 x2. $50 each

Radion XR30 G3 $100

Neptune Energy Bar 8. $50

Neptune Aqua Controller Apex 50

Neptune FMM $50

Neptune Feeder $50

Neptune ATO $150

BRS 75 GPD Rodi $100

BRS 150 G RODI + 2 RO Filters, Di Resin, Carbon Filter x1 $250

Korallin Calcium Reactor w pump $100

Carbon Doser Electronic CO2 Regulator $300

Calcium Reactor Media $15

VorTech MP10 QD $100

BRS CO2 Reactor $50

BRS CO2 Reactor Media 4 lbs $35

15g Acrylic Frag Tank w Frag Racks $15

Fritz Reef Pro salt 1/2 Box x2 $10

Co2 Canisters 5lb Full x2 $75 each

Co2 Canister 10lb 1/8th full $100

Zoo Med 50 Frag Tank - NIB $125

Ai Hydra 26 x2 with mounting arms but missing brackets $150 each

Nyos 120 INT Skimimer $100

BRS Mini reactor $10

BRS Dual Reactor $25


Yellow Tang LG $250

Flame Back Dwarf Angel LG $75

Blue Yellow Damsel x2 $15 each

Black and white clown XL Female $50

Black White Clown / orange face Male $25

Scopas Tang S-M $40

Ocellaris Clown sm $15

Serpent Star L $50

Serpent Star L $50

JF Tangerine Lepto Colony $200

JF Jack O Lantern Lepto Colony $75

JF Jack O Lantern Frag $25

Purple Stylopora Colony $100 XL

Blue Ridge Coral Colony XL $100. Bought with Style Colony $50

Green Lepto Colony $50

Green Hammer Colony XXL $500

Toadstool Coral Med. $45

Green Mushrooms var. $5 each

Rose Bubble Tip Anemones x/ 5 $30 Each

Brain Coral $50

Brain Coral $10

Easter egg Chalice Coral Med $50

Easter egg Chalice Coral SM $25

Candy Cane Coral NeonFrag $10

Candy Cane Coral Colony Neon $50

Candy Cane Coral Colony Green $35

Hawkins Colonies x2 $35

JG Tangering Juice Coral ?? $25

SPS Colony $20

JF Tangeing Juice Colony on Frag Rack. $45

WWC Xmas Mirabelis Coral Colony SM $125

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Sep 17, 2018
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I’m interested in multiple things just need to know where your located?
things I’m interested in
Mp 10
50 gallon frag tank
The g3 radion
Calcium reactor

Tbh maybe even more than that depending on where you are at and what’s still available to purchase. I’m going to be in rap Texas this weekend but I’d love to claim a few things. Should I dm you?

Purple rock rocks! Do you have coralline algae in your tank right now?

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  • I have a manageable amount of coralline algae right now.

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  • I have just a bit of coralline algae right now.

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