Fluval Reef LED 2.0 Schedule?

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    I currently have a 60g display tank with a bunch of softies/euphyllia and a few sps. My tank is relatively new (had a 36 since april that got upgraded to the 60 in July because of a leak) and I'm not sure how long I should have my whites/blues on and for what intensity. I have quite a bit of hair algae right now that I'm trying to fight with no phosphates (according to an api kit) and moderate nitrates-10-20ppm. I was wondering if the lighting was on too long and allowing the algae to thrive, I just recently got a sump that I had someone custom build me so hopefully the nitrates will really come down soon since I was running a canister before this. The light is using the brackets to rest on top of the tank instead of being suspended like I see a lot of other tanks. Does anyone have a recommendation for me that has used this light? (Or should I post a couple of screenshots when I get home of my current schedule for people to take a look and tell me what to tweak?)

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    I don't have experience with that light but 6 hours white and 12 hours blue might be a starting point then adjust from there. You can also buy or borrow a PAR meter and set the PAR in the middle of the tank at 150ish.
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