Help ID'ing dinos please!



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Apr 9, 2022
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Just a quick overview before we begin, one I would like to thank you for taking your time to read and help me out and two I'll keep a close eye for any replies.

So I have a 90 gallon aquarium with no Coral just two clownfish, one neon goby, one blue sapphire damsel, and one fox face rabbitfish. I also have four cleaner shrimp, three hermit crabs, and some snails that will probably die soon.

I did some research and I looked up on Reef to Reef the dino ID chart. I downloaded it and printed out the sheets and looked closely at the dinos that I had under a microscope.

My dinos seem to match up with prorocentrum.

These dinos typically do not move, create a lot of mucus, have a circle or pryenoid in the center and move like a Roomba. They colonize on both sand and rocks along with anything else that doesn't move quickly and it looks like short hair or short strands inside the tank. This all leads back to prorocentrum and describes my tank and what I'm seeing under the scope to the tee

This all sounds great but I'm also seeing a slight reddish tint on (*SOME*) of the cells and they aren't exactly uniform in size which aren't a characteristic of prorocentrum. Just curious what you think.

I'm contacting you guys because I have some questions and would like a second opinion.

My course of action is this:
Feed more often and bring up nitrates and phosphates. Install a UV sterilizer equivalent to my tank size. Blackout my tank for 3 Days to make them go into the water column. After 3 days go to the store and buy amphipods and copepods and dose the tank with bacteria. And to continue feeding more often. Leave carbon in my Sump to take out any toxins that may be released during the attack on the dinos.

**Should I also add decorator as well? Or will that have no effect on the toxins?**

I really do not want to kill my fish obviously. I feel like I have a one in a million set of clownfish.

I'll attach photos and videos of both the scope and tank

20220803_134551.jpg 20220803_134509.jpg 20220803_134413.jpg 20220803_140539.jpg 20220803_140535.jpg 20220803_140526.jpg


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