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Aug 11, 2019
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Welcome to R2R!!!
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Mar 6, 2021
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So I love ALMOST everything about this hobby. Unfortunately I got talked into buying a tank for my house that was a bit too big for me and the structural integrity of my house.

My first tank WOULD have been a 120 gallon RR aqueon complete with everything I needed. But once filled up, I could see the beams I placed it on have some issues. I decided to go smaller. So now I'm in the midst of looking for something probably 60 gallons or less even a nano tank. Hoping to get a lot of good ideas from the forum, even a bit of helpful advice.

Hopefully I can offload the tank on a reasonable amount of time and get back into the hobby. It's nice to meet everyone!

Yes, water is heavy. If you have basement below and access to beams, there is structural supports you can add from local home improvement store that will help with floor (and presumably bounce & squeaks) even if you stay with smaller tank size(s). Best to be safe than sorry down the road. Looking forwarding to hearing about your future successes!
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  • Yes even though I planned my aquascape for the possibilty

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