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Hey new on here

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Oct 16, 2020
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Thank you for the warm welcome everyone ☺ that reefing in Canada is cool meme made me laugh my **** off lol. My 75 was "professionally resealed" at the LFS (one fish two fish Dartmouth) thought it would look better than the rather ugly job I normally do with silicone. Well a week after I got it back the silicone let go from the glass on the back right side and came gushing out. I got a call from my roommate saying the ceiling was dripping and the drywall was so wet it was starting to sag. By the time I got home (only 20 min later I left work that instant) all the equipment was destroyed all burned out were talking years of built up powerheads ozone generator protein skimmer media reactor all the equipment was run dry and the outlet on the wall was smoldering. My solution a in floor water level alarm with media notifications the peace of mind is worth the 600 bucks . The fish stores reaction was telling me the tank wasn't level I first took a spirit level and sent them a picture of that then showed them a pic of the stand which just so happened to be an expensive stand from the very same store. They then responded with "well we don't guarantee the work it's at your risk". So needless to say I don't go back there lesson of the day get references see tanks they have sealed prior, and sometimes an ugly silicone job is better than a pretty one that leaks! I'll snap some photos of my set up I'm starting again for scratch so it's kinda ugly atm. It's 72" by 24" by 36" an odd sized tank I think 136 gallon.

Have you ever used a spoon, hose and rubber band together to remove algae?

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