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Sep 16, 2019
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Bristlenose here, calling in from London, UK.

The story so far. I've kept a freshwater tank for more than 20 years, using a Tropiquarium 68 throughout. I fell in love with the hobby after a visit to the London Aquarium! I've kept a variety of community fish, for example, corydoras (albino and bronze), blind cavefish (a particular favourite of mine), Angelfish (white and black), bristlenoses (of course!) and many varieties of tetra. Nothing too complicated. Still love the tank, but it's looking tired these day. The Trop is no longer in production and spare parts are difficult or impossible to find.

So I decided to replace the tank. But never got round to it, life took over big time, so here we are with a lightly planted tank, cobbled together electronics, 6 tetras, a few mollies, a blind cavefish and my wonderful (and very active!) bristlenose.

We moved house recently, and my wife suggested we install a marine tank! Challenge accepted. I’ve been doing some serious research online, and quickly discovered it’s a very different game to freshwater tanks.

I’ve decided on a Red Sea Max E-170, looks ideal for a beginner, pretty much plug and play but upgradeable as when I'm ready to take more on.

We’re having some works done to the house, and a spot for the new tank has been chosen, it’ll be very much on display, so I need to get it right! All being well, probably in the new year, I’ll be installing the tank for the initial cycle. Can’t wait!
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