Hippo Tang Faded/Discolored

Jeff Shaw

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Jul 30, 2015
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Louisville, KY
I am still new to this hobby and was thrown into it when I bought our current house. Looking for help with my Blue/Hippo Tang. Have a look at the short video I've posted below. In the last couple of weeks his color has been fading and I'm worried he's caught the COVID or something. Just looking for some ideas on his condition and treatment options. Also, my rock seems a bit bare...is this normal? Have had the rock in since January of this year or so.

Some back ground:
  • Added to my tank on 3/19/2020
  • Tank Mates include: 2 Clown Fish (Ocellaris), 2 Scarlet Shrimp, 2 Scarlet Reef Hermits and 2 Turbo Snales
  • Weekly water changes, Ammonia/Nitrite/Nitrate levels are all at or near 0, salinity is at 1.023 and pH is 8.2; I do weekly testing and the NO3 is the only thing that's been above 0 and it was at or near 5ppm on the 5/22/2020.
  • Activated Carbon Sock/Media and Bio ball filter on back with a HOB Octopus classic skimmer
  • No quarantine tank available.
Link to video: http://gofile.me/2heqK/7QeGpQhlo (this is a redirect to the file on my Synology NAS).

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