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I'm bored, let's see your reefs.


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Jul 23, 2020
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So this is my latest little build that I am actually quite proud of!

It is a 5 gallon tank that came as a "starter tank" I then made it into what it is today!

The sand is live sand.
I have quite a bit of pods in the tank
The rock consists of one piece of dry rock left over from my first build, and the rest is Texas Holey Rock that was collected from our deer lease in uvalde and then boiled of course.

The Background Is plasti dip.

In terms of a "reef", its not quite there yet! I currently have a Two head hammer frag (that i cut myself from my tank at home) . That is the only coral at the moment (hoping to afford some more soon! I have a beautiful feather duster and 2 fish, and some cucs. I built the custom in tank overflow box myself for the hob filter. The powerhead im running is actually a UV sterilizer that i still run 1 hour a day because i had a horrible dino issue. After a 4 day black out along with UV i finally got it under control! I cut the lid of the tank for the light (had a clown jump out when i ran it lidless. Now i maintain a higher temp than i like, but its not horrible at 79 degrees.

Please let me know what you think, and any suggestions on what you would like to see coral wise! This light is supposed to put out 100 par at 11 inches depth, Its only about 9 inches from the bottom of the tank and even less to the rocks. So should be plenty of light.

office tank.jpg
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