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    Hi Everyone,

    I am fairly new to the hobby and the one thing I have been dealing the most with is water flow as it never seemed to be enough and to me all the stuff I read just confuses me even more. To solve the problem I decided to get two MP40s and supplement them with my prior current USA power head. I have the smallest version of the current USA pump and running it around 80-100 percent all day and the return is dead center of the tank.

    I installed the 2 MP40s in my tank yesterday. I now have 2 current USA power heads on each side towards back and bottom of the tank and 2 MP40s in the center left upper portion of each side of the tank. I also have the Neptune wireless expansion as well. My lights go on from 3pm to midnight. My questions are as follows:

    1) How high should I have the pumps? Yesterday at almost 50-60 percent when I first installed them the MP40s were knocking all my torches and a few other corals down, so what would be a recommended power output?

    2) I programes the following (picture below of my programming) based on the sample program when you first install the power head for both power heads. Should I make different programs for each pump or would it be recommendable to use the anti-sync figure, right now the programming is identical given +- couple of minutes and percentage of power.

    3) Are there any really good sample programs out there which I can upload and use?

    4) any recommendations on how to fine tune the programming? Things I should look for? Modes fish and coral prefer to have for a longer time?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks!! [​IMG]

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