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Aug 11, 2019
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Welcome to R2R!!!

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Mar 6, 2021
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So here we are in times of Covid. What better time than now to start a tank right?
After a randomly suggested youtube video of "how to set up a saltwater tank" I was back on. These hobbies never truly end do they?

I gathered up all the info i could, Ubered to my lfs and grabbed it in one shot. Toronto was then and still is in a "lockdown" so we try and make it quick. Great time to be at home with the tanks - horrible time to visit an lfs for a coral, food...etc.
Wife tells me to just order online - maybe i'm old school, but i just have to see the piece first. I don't currently run a quarantine tank so its hard to, but if this lockdown continues, may just try.

Current Tank.
Innovative Marine 20 Nuvo - told you I love nanos.
This tank sits in my kitchen. I love having a tank next to the sink. Such a game changer for daily maintenance.
This little guy is just about 4 months old now and doing well.

- Radion G5 Pro (I've always wanted radions)
- Intank media baskets / marine pure balls / chemi pure blue / floss - X2
- Intank fuge basket / Innovative light velcroed to the back wall / growing well
- stock return pump (i like it - but feel like it may crap out at any moment) / sicce 1.5 ordered and on the way
- Innovative marine desktop skimmer - pump died in 6 weeks, replacement on the way. Although may not run it anymore. At this size i think we can forgo - thoughts?
- 100w heater - inkbird
- Nero 3 (What a great powerhead)
- Tunze ato / 5 gallon reservoir
***Everything these days is controlled on a smartphone! Time to trade in my flip phone I guess***

Keeping this simple. Weekly 10-15% water changes. Polyplap acids, genesis, plus daily (daughter's fav job), varied diet, frozen mainly, reef roids, vitalis lps food, yum.

First month. Love using dead rock and seeing that white turn to coraline. Old school reefer here remember? No more live rock for me that's for sure.

Davincis. Thankfully getting along.

I told myself that i wanted to try an sps heavy tank - but met a really nice and local guy with incredible zoas and couldn't help myself. Mixed reef it is then.


I've never had torches. Wife's favs.

Need to work on the camera skills that's for sure.

Here's a fts at about 2 months.

Love my lfs', but been having lots of great luck with local hobbyists and Kijiji / marketplace....etc

This is one of my favs.

FTS May 4 / 2021 - playing around with the camera settings. Should i get one of those reef lenses?


This is the side view from my dinner table. Kind of tried to go for a peninsula look while viewing from the side, but only so much you can do with a 20 aio. But nice view for me regardless.

Yup, still love acans.


Last one - I've never owned a Goni, and loving this guy.

Ok Reef2Reef. Thanks so much for humouring me during this nice night down memory lane.
Hope to chat with you all soon.

**I've never done a full build thread before but have loved and been thankful for all the ones i've seen here, so will do one in a couple of months. Tank upgrade in the works! This will mark the first time I will have two tanks running simultaneously, imagine the stocking / fragging / swapping possibilities, excited. ***

New tank has been ordered, stand is in the works, sump......well, lots to chat about. Have a great night everyone.

GREAT info and look forward to learning more. Glad you joined

PS - the above two posts would be a great start to your first tank's build thread


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Apr 17, 2021
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Toronto, Canada
Awesome!!! how much of the old ways do u think still work?
Good question. Time will tell I guess. So far the only thing I think that has been the consistent since the 90's for me is patience and water changes. Technology, the sharing of information and all that trial and error has made it too hard to mess up nowadays.

What temperature do you think it too high for your reef tank?

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