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Jul 14, 2019
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Hi all. Good day to you. Would like to seek advice on power head setting. I have a 3 side view tank that is 220gallon tank with dimension 7x2x2 and currently running on 2 Neptune WAV + 2 Nero 5. Previously i was running 2WAV + 1Nero 5 and it seems that my tank does not have enough flow. The sandbed is always dirty and cause issues like cyno and hair algae. But somehow the algae on rocks seems to be in control. I recently added the forth powerhead and currently planning a flow schedule on all 4 powerheads to try to cover all the dead spot on the tank. Please take a look at my setting and advice me if you see something wrong ? I tried to create a gyre with 2 Neptune WAV on the left side of my tank and 2 Nero 5 on the right side of my tank but the setting on nero 5 was quite basic i couldn't think of a way to set it. Anyone here have experience with this 2 brand of powerhead and can advice me on the setting? Thank you so much in advance.
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Oct 15, 2018
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Lake Mary, FL.
Lighting and water flow are always tend to be a trial and error proposition. Everyone’s aquarium is different in terms of size, design, rock and coral arrangement, kinds of fish, inverts and corals. Hence the reason why their is no real concrete answer to your question, in my opinion.
I can say that lighting and water flow are crucial aspects and determining factors as to whether, or not, you are going to be success with your livestock.
Having said this, in terms of water flow, creating a flow that encompasses as much of your tank as possible, thus eliminating dead spaces is ideal. Creating a turbid, wave or surge flow is ideal as it most replicates the biotopes where much of the marine animals call home. The best way to capture this through wave makers, multiple power-heads or other means of creating flow. Positioning powerheads so that the stream of the one makes contact with that of another, or so that flow banks off the glass or rock work causes a disbursal of water to hit more areas within the benthic and pelagic areas of your tank.
When it comes to delicate inverts and fish like Tridacna Clams, Anemones, Feather Stars and Dusters, small Gobies, Certain Cardinalfish and Blennies along with many corals, water flow needs to be scaled down. In the event you have stronger and larger fish, inverts and corals, water flow will need to be ramped up and so powerhead or coral placement will need to be altered.
I could go on regarding this topic, however, I think I have given you some insight into waterflow.
It truly is a trial and error and experimental tactic.
Good luck...

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