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Discussion in 'General SPS Discussion' started by Kyle Rinker, Sep 21, 2017.

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    Hi all,
    I am setting up a mixed reef in my Nuvo 40 office tank and I am trying to figure out some good coral stocking options. I am struggling to figure out my best options for the lower portions of the liverock closer to the sandbed. The photos I attached will help to show why I am asking about stocking. I will be keeping mostly SPS and LPS in the tank. There are a couple zoanthid frags in shaded spots. I have included photos of the front of the tank, sides, back, and top-down to give an idea of what I'm working with. The problem I have run into is that there is very little room for mounting branching SPS frags to the lower portions of the rockwork because it is close to the sides of the tank. What would be a good SPS or LPS option to mount here? I have considered encrusting SPS/LPS but I'm not sure I could stop them from eventually covering too large a portion of the rock or killing more prized pieces later on top of the rockwork. I thought about using LPS such as acans but the same problem may exist. I also thought about euphyllia like hammers but I think the flow would be too strong. I am currently using a gyre and combined with my return I am at about 70x tank turnover. I appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

    Down Back Glass.jpg

    Down Front Glass.jpg

    Front Glass.jpg

    Left Frong Side.jpg

    Right Front Side.jpg


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    I keep acans, favia and birstnests low down in my 220 (30" deep). OH! And my doughnut coral (i.e. the one in my avatar pic).
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