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Jun 2, 2017
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Suffolk County, NY
I just started cycling my new tank. So i have some time before this all good down, but I’m trying to get my ducks in a row. I currently have a 75 gal bow, 4ft wide running 2 radion xr30s. New tank is a 24” cube which will get one of the radions. Initially the 75gal tank came with a orbit marine 4ft light and controller. My question is since i plan on transferring one of the radions to the new tank how should i go about switching the lighting in my 75g to the old 4ft light. I have a mixed reef, mainly softies and lps, and a birds nest that has grown significantly since i got it, but a majority of my corals are on one half. Would it be best to move the couple of corals to the side with the most corals and run it with just one radion, run just the orbit marine, or run both the 4ft and a radion so the entire tank gets some kind of lighting.

If your answer leans towards running both the radion and orbit or just the orbit, what’s the best way to acclimate the tank to the additional or diff light?

Can you run a a successful reef long term without some type of reactor and media?

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    Votes: 269 72.5%
  • No

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