Torch coral slowly thinning (dying ?)


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Jun 14, 2021
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Hello everyone,

I’m quite new to reefing and this is my first post, my tank is a 15 Gallon, 4 months old.
I’ve had a Torch Coral for the past 3 months, it was great for 2 months, then slowly started Shrinking as you can see on the pictures below.

Here are some parameters:
Nitrates 10
Nitrite 0
Ammonia: between 0 and the lowest next value. (It’s hard to tell a value here)
Dkh 10

It had some indirect but constant flow front the return pump so I moved it.
Smallest Jebao Power head at lowest pulse 30%.
(I stopped the flow for the pictures)

There is no chance they could grab some food from fish feeding as the Nemo eats all granules I feed them.

Tentacles were much longer and thicker before.

Do you think they are starving ? I often see them mouth opened ( as on the picture) in the morning before lights goes on.
I looked at it very closely but couldn’t see any worms.

or any other suggestions ?

Other corals I have:
- Xenia: 10 times bigger than when I bought it, I was thinking I was depleting nutrients from the water so I fragged it and will sell them soon.
- Zoas, open brain, GSP, shell, Goniopora: healthy

C2E73707-C013-449B-8C1E-D1B3121C8BE6.jpeg C6ED35D5-F011-43C5-9BD7-45007F90E7BB.jpeg


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Mar 31, 2021
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The Milkyway
I would slowly ramp up feeding every day to where I got to a point where the fish seem to finish picking out food from the water column as rampantly. Then I'll mix up a combination of reef-roids and frozen mysis in 5ml water inject them with a pipettor or 5ml syringe even a 1ml syringe to directly feed the corals. I've randomized this daily sometimes skipping days and my Green tipped torch loves Mysis and I feel like the reef-roids blew the polyps up massive in such a short amount of time I have had so much more fleshy growth. I literally cannot wait to feed my tank every day to watch the Corals react. I try heaps of different techniques, broadcast feeding, direct feeding, just mixing up mysis and pouring it into the water column to keep fish busy, I usually feed up my clowns with Hikari pellets before that because they love them. By the time I get to my Coral everyone is done eating although I have had to feed a little more before hitting the coral before.
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