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Oct 7, 2020
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i have a cor 20, it touched water once but otherwise has been in its box essentially new ever since. it didnt fit in the return section of my sump with everything else... i figured id save it incase i ever upgrade but doesnt seem to be any time soon. I cant offer a steal on it but if your interested i can try to make the price + shipping less than buying a new one. send me a pm if your interested.

Have you ever torn down a tank over an issue you couldn't seem to beat?

  • Yes! I have. (Tell us about what issue you faced in the thread.)

    Votes: 131 24.4%
  • No. Thankfully, I haven't.

    Votes: 278 51.8%
  • Nope, but it almost happened. (Share your experience in the thread.)

    Votes: 41 7.6%
  • Not yet, but I'm almost there. (Tell us what you're dealing with.)

    Votes: 44 8.2%
  • If you reef long enough, this will eventually happen to you.

    Votes: 35 6.5%
  • Other

    Votes: 8 1.5%
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