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Oct 5, 2020
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Hey everyone I was considering ordering a waterbox aio 50.3 but I have some concerns about delivery.

I live in South Philly and the city streets here are very very narrow and full of parked cars. Its hard enough to get a standard moving van down here let alone a freight shipment and I've never seen anyone get a freight shipment of anything around these parts in the city. I'm concerned that the potential of a freight truck not being able to actually get down my street to deliver my aquarium would mean they would leave it on the corner somewhere or take it back to the facility.

Id like to get the super premium shipping/delivery option where they can take the pallet and scraps away and "supposedly" take the boxes up to the 2nd floor. That's where the tank would go anyways. But if the truck would already have trouble getting through the streets I might as well not bother.

Anyone here thats from Philly or another similarly small street city (Boston comes to mind) and has experience getting their waterbox shipped to them? Id love to pick your brain and hear your experiences on the delivery!


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Dec 18, 2019
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Pittsburgh, PA
Well you have to sign for your delivery so they wouldn’t drop it on the corner.

I would assume they use a pallet jack on wheels as that’s what the company used when they delivered my Innovative Marine. I’m sure he can park on the street or around the corner and bring it to atleast in front of your house. The company that delivered mine would not help lift my tank up two steps off the side walk so I’d suggest having a few friends there waiting to help.

it took about 3 minutes to unload my tank so if he blocks the street for a minute... well it’s philly people be angry anyway. Either way atleast pop the top of the container and do a quick inspection of the tank before signing as if he leaves and it’s cracked you’re SOL.

The company came in a box truck with a tail lift, not huge but not a small vehicle either.

I also live on a tight street I just moved my car and made sure nobody swooped in and took the spot. Most company’s call the day prior to schedule a delivery window.

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