biocube 32

  1. lordthaxto

    Hammer coral splitting correctly?

    *Edit I clicked SPS by accident. Not sure how to move or delete this thread New to this hobby, see my build thread for tank type / setup. Water params are all good < .25 ppm ammonia( detects but never gets to first color zone of api drop tester kit), 0 nitrite, and < 5ppm nitrate. Sorry if...
  2. Zoa_Fanatic

    AIO Build Biocube 32 LED leveling help

    So I’ve been running my new biocube for about two months. My wife and I took PAINS to make sure the stand was level. Well I get the tank on and my four foot level (which by the way is WAY too long to go on top of the tank without hanging over) is showing that the tank is dipping to one corner by...
  3. lordthaxto

    Build Thread Breaking the Bank with BioCube 32

    Tank started Dec 31st 2020. I would like to start out by saying I very recently started this hobby. I have two fresh water tanks that are about 3 months old now. I wanted more... and so here we are. I went to my LFS ( Austin Aqua Dome ) : And purchased a...
  4. XFeathersx

    A New Reefer's Experience with Biota Mandarin

    Back when I was first looking into getting a mandarin I wish there had been more documented "case studies" of people keeping them. My research in early 2020 and now pretty much leads to the same conclusions: 1) People who say they cannot be kept in an aquarium under 75 gallons and less than 2...
  5. biofish

    Biocube 32 cooling issue solved! - 3D printed.

    Biocubes are known for their lack of cooling with a hood on. I have solved this by creating a bracket to hold a computer fan in one of the cable ports. It is available on Thingiverse for those of you who have a 3d Printer. Snaps right into place. - Hooked into my Inkbird controller and I never...
  6. Zoa_Fanatic

    AIO Build New biocube build

    My old biocube cracked . I’ve been in a thrown together mess for months. My new biocube is finally in and put together, for now. My wife also got a protein skimmer, first time I’ve used one and man does it make a difference.
  7. Zoa_Fanatic

    AIO Build Biocube protein skimmer help

    My wife got me a coralife protein skimmer for Christmas. How much air should I allow into the skimmer? I’m not sure how many bubbles are too many. I’ve got the air dialed all the way back right now until I figure out how far to let it open. I had the same skimmer on my older biocube and it was...
  8. j.register3

    Diamond Goby & Starry Blenny Compatibility?

    Hello everyone, I’ve been planning the stocking list for my Biocube 32 & am curious if a Diamond Goby & Starry Blenny would get be compatible in this tank? In order I would stock it as follows: Pink Streaked Wrasse x 1 Diamond Goby x 1 Starry Blenny x 1 Mocha Storm Clownfish x 2 Sound good...
  9. J

    Any cleanup crew a Valentini puffer won’t eat?

    Hi! I’ve been thinking about future stocking for my biocube 32, and have considered the valentini puffer, they seem really neat but I am wondering if there are any cleanup crew they won’t eat. I’ve heard they defiantly would eat shrimp, but what about bigger snails? Or serpent starts or...
  10. J

    Would a golden dwarf morray work in this setup?

    I am looking to see if a golden dwarf morray eel would work in the setup I have now. It is a 32 gallon biocube, I have 2 clowns and a small melanurus wrasse (he’s small now and I am rehoming him when he gets too big). Would the tank be too small to sustain him? Liveaquaria says 30 is min but...
  11. hds4216

    When to add SPS? And what's the best beginner SPS?

    My tank had its 6 month anniversary yesterday and I'm itching for some SPS. The parameters have been stable for a while now and I test twice a week and track on an excel sheet to make sure they stay that way. This tank has gone exceptionally smoothly, literally only one thing has died and it was...
  12. hds4216

    I have three ideas to finish stocking my 32g, please provide input!

    Hi all! I have a 32g that's been up and running for about six months now, though it only got its first fishy inhabitant in August. It currently has three occupants at the moment - two Ocellaris clownfish, and a very tiny "yellow" watchman goby (that isn't yellow at all). Trying to decide which...
  13. K

    Florida Biocube 32 gallon tank stand and more for sale

    Biocube 32 gallon tank Sturdy stand with lots of room for storage 4 pieces of live rock plus one small piece, 3 pieces dry rock Live sand Rock anenome Little firefish Power head Pump that was replaced last year Filter, neon fake coral pieces, heater, magfloat glass cleaners, ammonia filter...
  14. Mattc123

    New tank parameters and conditions

    I started a new tank about two weeks ago and used Dr. Tim's and biospira to start the tank. This is in a 32 gallon biocube. I have 2, 3 year old clownfish and a brand new cardinal who was kinda the guinea pig to see if the tank was safe before putting in my beloved clowns as well as a small...
  15. XFeathersx

    Build Thread 2020 Biocube 32

    My first saltwater tank after keeping a 75g freshwater for 8 years. Wasn't sure about upkeep so I didn't want to go all in, and decided the Biocube 32 would be a good intro for me. Sumps and skimmers seemed beyond my capacity (and budget) so an all in one was the best choice for me to see how I...
  16. tjsweldind94

    Cube Build My New Bio Cube 32

    This is my new biocube 32 I started a couple weeks ago, 25lb of live sand and 1 6lb live rock along wit some dry rock and two clowns, waiting on it to mature more before I do anything eles to it, fish are eating great and seem very happy, if you have one of these tanks what do you run your...
  17. K

    Florida Biocube 32 gallon + stand + more

    Biocube 32 gallon Includes: Tank (light is a part of the tank) Stand (very solid unlike the usual biocube stand) live rock , 3 pieces of dry rock, and sand Live sand GSP rock, green carpet anenome Power head for extra flow Pump, filtration rack It has been running for 3.5 years...
  18. j.register3

    Biocube 32 Stocking Advice

    Hello everyone, I am in the process of starting up a Biocube 32 & working on the aquascape, I’m trying to get an idea of what kind of fish & corals I want to keep in the tank. I’m trying to go by the 1/2in to gallon ration for fish & have a total of 15in or adult fish in the tank. As far as...
  19. B

    Pintail Fairy Wrasse Advice

    Hello all, first time poster! I learned a lot lurking here and hope to contribute more. A week ago I told the lfs staff to bag me a Carpenter’s Flasher Wrasse. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized he had bagged a Pintail Fairy Wrasse instead. i have a BioCube32 mixed reef. I knew the...
  20. J

    What active wrasse for biocube 32

    I’ve been looking for some sort of wrasse that is active in my tank, but is also reed safe. It’s a 32 gallon reef, with lps and softies, don’t plan on keeping sps or clams anytime soon. My stocking will be pair of clowns, (clowns adults and already in the tank) and a yellow watchmen goby and...
  21. N11morales

    AIO Build Biocube: How to clean front glass curve (bowfront)

    Hello was wondering what people use in the biocubes to clean the front corners? I tried to use a flipper and i scratched my tank a little bit. I went really slow and i just cant find a way to clean up the hard algae thats growing on the corners of my biocubes glass.
  22. hds4216

    AIO Build Tunze skimmer or fuge for BioCube 32?

    Just wondering what would be a better choice: The Tunze 9001 skimmer or the InTank refugium with chaeto and a growlight. Either way, I already have the InTank media basket. I've heard mixed opinions so I'm looking for advice. Let me know!
  23. hds4216

    Is it possible to run a skimmer, InTank fuge, and media basket in the BioCube 32?

    Most of the builds I've seen seem to either have the fuge + media basket or media basket +skimmer. Is it possible to run both, with the skimmer in chamber one and the fuge and media basket in chamber two?
  24. J

    Any sort of wrasse for a biocube 32?

    Im looking for some stocking for my biocube 32, and really love the look and the movement a lot of wrasses seem to add to tanks. Right now I have 2 adult clowns, and would like to also add a captive bred mandarin, OR yellow watchmen font along with some sort of wrasse if I can find one suitable...
  25. Daveouthere

    Any feedback welcome

    Hey guys this is what the tank is looking like right now been up for about 5-6 months. Any advice?