chipped corner

  1. X

    So accidently hot the corner of my aquarium does it look bad ?

    Hey guys so i was inspecting my aquarium on lights of i went to grab my flashlight and i hit the outside corner of my aquarium with it a cause a little internal chip if i pass my finger across it i cant feel a thing On the front ints 1/4 inch long by 2/16 wide and goes 2/16 deep the glass has a...
  2. I

    Received a Damaged Aquarium

    I recently purchased a brand new Red Sea E-170 aquarium from BRS. The shipper dropped the pallet off in my driveway, and then left. I did not sign any papers. After unboxing the tank, I noticed damage in the corner. I contacted the shipper immediately and let them know. They asked if I noted it...
  3. G

    EMERGENCY Glass chipped!

    Hello all, my girlfriend accidentally chipped the corner of my tank trying to put the lid on, pictures are below. Should I be concerned about it shattering or getting it worse or will it be fine?? Or is there something I can do, like glass repair or something?? Freaking out rn
  4. Tim'sReef

    Chipped corner how to repair

    Hi all. I recently purchased a used blue marine reef 200 but the sump has a chipped corner. It holds water just fine tested it for a couple of days and no leaks but I like to reinforce it just to be safe. What would be the best way to do this, any suggestions?
  5. Rottenpear

    EMERGENCY Chipped corner

    Hey, I recently chipped the corner of my Nuvo 20. It's not leaking and still behind the silicone. What do you think? Is it bad?
  6. A

    Chip in corner of tank

    I just bought a used Innovative Marine Nuvo series 40 gallon AIO aquarium and noticed that there is a small chip in the corner. It doesn't look very deep and I was wondering if the aquarium is safe to use? It doesn't leak. I am thinking about gluing the chip back on with a clear epoxy. What do...