clownfish behavior

  1. ElizabethFishton

    Will a fish notice when another fish is no longer there?

    So one of my clownfish(Nemo) is swimming around the spot where my Strawberry Psetochromis, Purple Dottyback(Shiny)'s territory, Shiny jumped, we aren't really sure how and are actively trying to help shiny but the thing about Nemo is he only hangs out at the top, Shiny's territory I guess is...
  2. M

    Clown Behavior

    Hey all I have a 90 Gallon tank and from the beginning my first fish were two clowns. They are quite small but all the other fish I’ve bought have been juvenile to keep them from finding themselves by far the smallest things in the tang. However one fish I have is a blue diamond watchmen goby...
  3. I

    Clownfish won't host anything?

    I have a 10 gallon mixed reef with two adorable captive-bred Ocellaris Clowns (purchased from my local Petco), and so far, everything's gone smoothly with them. However, my they seem to be disinterested in being hosted by anything. I had an orange tip BTA for awhile and they wouldn't touch it...
  4. Y

    EMERGENCY Clownfish behavour and white poop

    Hi I have two clownfish which have been doing fine for 3 weeks now. They seem to have homed in the finger coral in the picture. Now the male won't eat properly and won't leave the coral other than to attack my hand. He has eaten a bit of mysis shrimp but not as much as normal for the last 3-4...
  5. bReefedBaker

    Clownfish Pairing - twitching video -

  6. EmmisXFabio

    Hi everyone! Newbie quest

    Hello all, my husband and I (mostly my husband) set up this saltwater 65gal aquarium almost 3 months ago. Slowly but surely we are getting the aquarium to how we'd like it. Constantly learning from other threads, my husband snorts YouTube videos from BrsTv, and of course I think the best...
  7. Zoa_Fanatic

    How do I tell if my clowns have paired?

    I've got to premium grade frostbite clowns. They spend most of the day exploring the tank not necessarily next to each other all the time. At night they sleep in the same place above my powerhead and when I put my hands in the tank to clean one of them murders my fingers while the other mock...
  8. gavinb612

    Clownfish laying down for long periods

    I’ll start by saying i’m not some newbie that just started their tank and my first pair of clowns is dying. This is a year old tank and the clowns were transferred from a 2 year old tank when this one was done cycling. Something that’s been happening for almost a month now is that my female has...
  9. djm

    Clownfish acting strange

    Hi all, I’ve had my ocellaris for almost 3 months, all has been going well but today his behaviour has been very strange. His mouth has been moving rapidly and he almost seems in a daze. All morning he has been hiding under part of my rock work and has only ventured out this evening. He’s not...
  10. Zoa_Fanatic

    Picky clownfish

    New frostbite clowns won’t hardly eat anything. Had them 5 days. Tank has been running 8 years, biocube 32 led. Tried mysis, brine shrimp, pellets, flakes. Any other ideas? pH-8.0, ammonia-0, nitrate-5ppm, nitrite-0. They will eat but not with any gusto. They just pick and spit it out. They’re...
  11. Zoa_Fanatic

    New clowns barely eating

    Like the title says I have some new CB frostbite clowns that are picking at food occasionally but not crushing it. They seem healthy to me and don’t look thin. They’ve been in the tank 3-4 days I forget which. I think we got them Monday night. One will eat sometimes during the day the other...
  12. Zoa_Fanatic

    New clowns not wanting to eat much.

    I got some new clowns two days ago. They’re tiny. Maybe 1.5” long. They don’t seem to want to eat much they just wanna cruise around the tank at full speed. I’m feeding the same food the pet store I got them at fed them. They’re frostbite ocellaris. Is this normal? Short video of the clowns...
  13. coastalnanoreef

    Clownfish help!!!

    I’ve had this clownfish for about 5 months. In the past couple days I’ve noticed he’s laying on the bottom next to where he sleeps. He’s doing this in the middle of the day. I’ll attach a video but I’m very concerned. All my parameters are the same as they have been for months. Also my other...
  14. ridgeburyreefer

    Thoughts on multiple clownfish

    Backstory- I’ve set up my first saltwater tank, it is currently cycling, plenty of live rock, open space, and hiding space. I have won two “grade A” clownfish and also 5 baby clownfish (slightly smaller) of random picking. They will be sent to me when I’m ready for them. I had intended on the...
  15. D

    Clown fish and anemones!

    Hey guys I just have a quick question! So one of my clown fish sleeps in one of my RBTAs but during the day could care less that it is there. Is there any reason behind this or well it eventually swim around in it during the day. I have two BTAs, the other smaller clown doesn’t show interest in...
  16. B

    Clownfish questions

    I posted recently about one of our clownfish acting strange, but now I have more general questions. We have 3 clownfish that all came together (yes I know 3 is a crowd) and we have had them for months with no issues. A few days ago I had multiple issues at once and panicked (tank salinity was...
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