clownfish breeding

  1. That1guy07

    HELP! Clownfish has ripped fins under the body and is now not moving it’s tail fin

    Just an hour ago I discovered my clownfish is not using its tail fin to swim anymore. It is just using its pectoral fins. This is not normal. He is eating fine and he has full color except in the underside. He has ripped fins all alone the bottom of him. Just the bottom fins not the top. Those...
  2. christianscorals

    clownfish pairing question

    Hello everyone, I hope there is someone out there that can help me with clownfish pairing info. Basically, I had bought a ~2.5 inch snowstorm oscellaris for my ~1.25 inch black oscellaris clown a while back. i’d say 1 year ago is when the bigger one was introduced to the smaller one. A month...
  3. Reefer37

    Internal Parasites or Pregnant Clown?

    I have a pair of clowns that have been together a little over a year now. I'd say the male is 2 years old and female 3 or 4. They've been behaving very much like pre-spawn for the first time with the male clearing out a spot (picking up sand and moving it) and both clearing out areas and doing...
  4. Frostbite

    Moving a Breeding pair of Clownfish?

    What are everyone's thoughts on moving a pair of clownfish that have been reeding since March in my 72 gallon display tank. I just got a 120gallon grow out tank which ideally should go where I have the 72 gallon so I am afraid of uprooting my mating pair since they are my only pair that are...
  5. N11morales

    Texas WTB Clownfish Clutch

    Hello, I was thinking about setting up a clownfish harem tank. I would like to do black ice clownfish. How many could i put in a 90G tank? Also any tips on how many anemones i should get? Also would like to know if anyone has black ice clowns for sale or knows a good company to purchase clowns from.
  6. Mike N

    Ocellaris Equivelant to Maine Blizzard Percula?

    I have successfully bred a wyoming white with a gladiator and some of the resulting fry resemble Maine Blizzard clowns. All the fins are pigmented orange and the only difference is that the dorsal fin of my clowns is also orange. (Blizzards have black on dorsal fin) Is there an ocellaris strain...
  7. O

    HELP! Female clownfish is killing male!

    in my 14 gallon bio cube that I have had for over 3 years, with the ocellaris clowns who have lived together for 3 years in peace. However lately they have been severely attacking eachother. The female has bitten off almost all of the males back take and a lot of his fins. It is really bad and...
  8. Betta_baby

    Clownfish breeders: is the longfin trait recessive or dominant?

    Hi! I have a 20 gallon species tank for ocellaris clownfish. Currently I am looking into getting a longfin mocha, I just love the way they look. My other clown is a 2 year old mocha female. In the future I would love to breed them. Is the gene that causes long fins dominant or recessive? What...
  9. Danh Ngo

    Where to get clownfish mated pair??

    I have my system set up, and ready for 4 pairs, but my question is Where did you find your mated pair? Were they mature enough for breeding when you bought it? ......... In case I want to buy 2 clownfish, and force them into pair How long does it take? What size should I get? Can you share...
  10. SaltySteve

    Clownfish breeding attempt.

    Hi all, Wanted to share my progress on rearing ocellaris fry. Last night was a partial hatch and I was able to catch 32 fry with a vossen trap, while chasing away a banggai cardinal with a pipet all night lol. It's the morning after and have fed the fry rotifers (have been culturing in a...
  11. LatinKing

    Question: Siphon or move pot to a fry tank???

    Question for experience clownfish breeder. Wondering what percentage will siphon the larvae after hatching in the same tank or do you take out the pot and move to a fry tank to hatch? Which is your preference and why? For those that siphon, please explain procedure and what materials is used.
  12. T

    Breeding wild caught true percula clownfish ?s

    I have a few questions about breeding. I have several batches of baby true perculas. Mom and dad are wild caught. If I’m selling them to a local fish store, how much should I expect to get for each baby. I’m pretty sure I paid $80 for the original pair. I also am getting to the point of too...
  13. LatinKing

    Clownfish Breeding Data Journal Begins!!!

    Hi ALL I'm starting a clownfish breeding data journal, one to share and secondly to use this as a learning curve. After talking to WesleyC who been very helpful I thought why not start a data journal to keep the progress on my Picasso pair. General Name: Snowcasso & Bali Picasso Scientific...