coralline algae

  1. Urkin$Urchin

    Coralline Fever

    So I have the fever, The Coralline Fever. lol I have 3 saltwater tanks, two 75 gallons run by canister filters and a 125 gallon with 55 gallon sump/fuge, My 125 is almost 4 years old, both of my 75's are over a year old, and I have yet to get coralline to grow in any of them, and they have all...
  2. jackalexander

    Nuisance Algae

    The tank is about 4-5 months old now and I can tell that the water parameters are becoming extremely stable with no fluctuations. I am starting to see purple/pink spots all over my rocks which I assume is coralline algae. The rocks are still super green and slimy though which I was told is...
  3. Courtney & David

    What is this?

    What is the darker colored algae? It won’t blast off with a turkey baster and barely wants to come off with a blade. I know we have bits of coralline but we can’t figure out what the other stuff is. Any ideas?
  4. ReeferWarrant

    Coralline Algae growth on Plating Montipora

    I have had this frag for a couple months now and it has been a lesson for me in SPS corals alone. The issues I have currently overcome are high PO4, Alk stability and lack of flow for it. So now I have good polyp extension and the flesh is iridescent, making me think it is doing well. My...
  5. J

    Coralline Algae after 4 days?

    Hi everyone! I’m new to the hobby with about 4 months prep and about 4 days of actual tank. I know that coralline algae is sought after and the sign of a healthy tank and usually appears after initial algae bloom and not after 4 days. Despite this however I do have bright purple spots on some...
  6. smarthawk

    Is this Coralline?

    Hi all! Tank is about 100 days old. Within the past couple days I’ve noticed these little dots on the back of my aquarium. There’s also a couple on the powerhead and a return nozzle. It doesn’t fluoresce but it’s a solid color and looks lightly pink. Can anyone help ID? Thanks!
  7. Zoa_Fanatic

    Coralline algea and candy canes

    Hey reefers. I have a small candy cane frag with two heads. It has coralline algea growing on the plug it’s on. I am just now noticing on the places where the coralline is growing up the stalk the coral tissue is receding. The frag is doing fine and is open otherwise. Is the coralline algea...
  8. Zoa_Fanatic

    Is this blue and green coralline algea?

    I have regular purple coralline growing on my rocks. I also have this very light blue colored algea that looks similar and a hard green algea on some of my other rocks. Are these coralline? Also some white colored areas on my back wall. Is that the start of coralline?
  9. ReefBud508

    Seeding coralline algae in reef tank?

    Not sure if this is the right place for this question but my question is.........I have a bottle of coralline algae spores coming to seed my tank from "ADDICTIVE REEF KEEPING" online ....when i plan to seed my tank do i need to remove any of my carbon or should i turn my protein skimmer off for...
  10. psumms

    Seed coralline algae to Real Reef (Manufactured) Rock

    Hi all, I've set up my tank using the manufactured Real Reef brand rock - so no live rock. I've cycled using the Red Sea mature kit, I stopped using the coralline grow formulae after the first week, as I understand from my newbie research, this is essentially a feed to boost growth, and...
  11. erk

    Algae Growth on Gorgonians

    My gorgonians close up from time to time and shed, as is normal. Somewhat recently though, one of my gorgonians closed up and the algae that grew on its limbs is coralline algae. I typically allow nature to take its course in these situations and the gorgonian can shed the old layer and out pop...
  12. M

    Is my rock live?

    A while ago(3-4 years ago) when I first started my tank, I used Dry rock. I never got coralline algae to grow even though my calcium is at about 400-420 and my dkh is at 10-11. I am now wondering if my dry rock is now live and how would I know if it is. I am honestly just assuming its live since...
  13. MarineDepot

    How to Grow Coralline Algae In Your Aquarium: The Simple Truth

    How to Grow Coralline Algae In Your Aquarium: The Simple Truth A guide to growing attractive red, purple, and pink algae in your aquarium
  14. grassy_noel

    Hermits eating coralline algae

    I'm almost sure that my tiny (maybe red legged) hermit crabs are eating the coralline algae off my rocks. I had some nice purple patches developing on my dry rock and now they're completely white. I noticed last night that three crabs were all clustered around one little dot of purple. Also...
  15. 1

    Benefits of Coralline Algae?

    6 months later, my base rock is now plastered with dots of green and purple coralline algae. And to be honest I only chased after it for the aesthetics but never really thought of the benefits of it. Are the benefits purely aesthetics or something deeper? Is it indication of tank health? Do...