1. glagunda

    Oatey pvc cement on acrylic ?

    apparently lowes or home depo doesn't sell scigrip 4 (weld-on 4) so can oatey pvc cement hold together acrylic. trying to build a baffle for a sump.
  2. Zwogle

    Nano Build 33 Gallon Custom all-in-one

    Dementions: 16x16x30 Equipment: OceanRevive Arctic-T247 Smart ATO- Micro Via Aqua 305 Water Pump Aquatic Life 115 Skimmer Filtration Marine Pure balls and one 1" block Live stock 2 Firefish Stary blenny Shrimp goby Hi fin goby pistol shrimp PJ cardinal (obligatory first fish) Clean up crew...
  3. Idoc

    DIY 40g breeder sump design ideas - requesting expert opinions!

    Currently working on setting up my first saltwater aquarium and taking some time to work on my sump design while my live rock is curing. I've read tons on the forums about sump designs and finally sat down and drew out 2 sump proposals for my 40gal breeder be used on a 75g aquarium...
  4. DipSpit

    Canopy Diffuser

    So inside of the canopy (which measures 36" x 36" OD) I have 4 SB reef lights and a 250w Radium w/ Spyder reflectors. I want to put a sheet of wither polycarbonate or glass over the bottom, inside the canopy to either a.) help diffuse the light into a uniform source (I do know MH's don't need...
  5. Idoc

    Ideas needed on how to make the weirs on baffles

    New to saltwater aquariums, and I'm in the process of designing my 40g breeder sump and would like to attempt to duplicate some of the "commercial" sump designs with baffles with weir slits on top of them. I'm leaning toward 1/4" thick glass baffles. Anyone have any ideas on how to cut the...
  6. haleyf1024

    T5 and LED combo questions

    I'll start by saying that I have no idea which forum to put this in, so if the LED specific or the DIY groups woyld be better, I'll move it :) So I am finally able to switch to ATI bulbs from the crappy stock lights that come with AquaticLife fixtures. The light is 60" and is only 4 bulbs. I...
  7. Mpkid911

    Help with diy led fixture!

    Okay so i am plannind a diy led fixture for a 55 gallon tank. Im basing thenlights off of the radion pro and these are the leds i plan on buying. 42 LEDs White: 8 Cree XT-E Cool White (5w each) Red: 4 bridgelux, 660nm (3w each) Yellow: 2 bridgelux Yellow, 590nm (3w each) Green: 4 Cree XP-E...
  8. Aquateer

    Bowfront assembly?

    Hey everyone. I have been trying to find information on assembling a 155 gallon bowfront aquarium. I was just going to do a re seal on it but there are a few spots that dont look too great in my opinon. So I was curious if there are articles that anyone knows of or has experience with taking one...
  9. Berlibee

    How to mount a Kessil to the ATI Sunpower.

    How to mount a Kessil to the ATI Sunpower: This is really a long time that I want to add a Kessil 160we to my ATI Sunpower. A week ago I found a nice deal on the local reef forum ! After a few days of search how to attach a Kessil to the fixture I haven't found anything that I could use online...
  10. jgvergo

    LED Light from LEDGroupBUY

    This is a powerful LED. It is 3 feet long and has 180 Watts of LED lights. The LEDs are very high quality Cree LEDs with a nice variety of color spectrum. These are the exact LEDs in the light. 12 CREE XT-E Royal Blue 12 CREE XT-E White (6000K) 12 CREE XT-E White (4500K) 12 CREE XT-E White...
  11. madlos123

    Build Thread JP's 10 Gallon Reef Tank

    Hi guys, JP here. I started this saltwater tank about December of 2015. This is just a 10 gallon tank I got from Petco during the $1 per gallon sale. I have a modified Aquaclear 110 as my sump/refugium. I am using SB Reef Light Sprite. This tank is a mixed tank. The livestock is a couple of...
  12. cmcimino

    Hinged AI Prime Mount

    I have a JBJ 28 Nano Cube, with an AI Prime and found the tank mount to be a total pain with the filter section on the nano cube. The plastic screw for the mount had to be screwed out every time I wanted to get in the media basket. I upgraded to an inTank media basket and want to grow chaeto...
  13. TheSoloist

    Build Thread My DIY Biocube 14 stand build

    Hey all, I wanted to share my build for my DIY Biocube 14 stand that I decided to make due to the lack of ready made stands for this particular tank. I rarely post on this site but now that I have the Biocube that will have to change. I'd planned to move everything that I had in my 7g bow front...
  14. Squirrel_reefer

    The Grand Experiment

    They said it couldn't be done!!!! They might actually be right...... So it all started with a deal that was too good to pass up, two (2)... TWO 75 gallon tanks for $25!!! Picked em up from a local hobbyist/LFS worker after putting out an ad ISO: a 75g tank. He told me that they were in...
  15. trevorspencer94

    Large Build Has anyone seen any large all in ones?!

    I am looking to create an all in one aquarium, probably out of a 180, 210, 220, 240, or something of the likes (cheaper to start with one of these from CL or something and add a false wall to divide the tank and sump vs building a custom tank all together), and I was curious if anyone has seen...
  16. jna042404

    DIY reef safe decor

    What type of sealer would I use over plastic? Specifically a small toy to make it salt water safe. I've read everything from silicone type 1 to UV resistant epoxy to you don't even need to seal plastic... I'd like to know from someone who has actually done this with no issues what I would need...
  17. Let’s Mix it Up! Designing and Using a Water Mixing Station

    Let’s Mix it Up! Designing and Using a Water Mixing Station

    Let’s Mix it Up! There is one undeniable fact in this hobby – WE ALL NEED WATER! In fact, two types of water. Clean fresh water (FW) run through a quality RODI system and the obvious saltwater (SW). Secondly, we all know what a water change is. This is not an article on whether or not water...
  18. nickenayat

    100 Gallon DIY Tank Stand Help

    I know its a 100 gallon freshwater but thanks for the help anyways... Intro: I currently have a 100 gallon freshwater tank stocked with cichlids that has been up and running for over 2 years now. I just upgraded to a 30 gallon saltwater tank because I've been dying to start reefing. The new...
  19. WhiskeyCoffee

    Sealing acrylic baffles w/ glass sump

    Could I just use regular aquarium safe silicone if I were to use acrylic baffles with a glass aquarium sump?
  20. WhiskeyCoffee

    29g tank w/ DIY sump is up & running! Here's a tour.

    Here's a complete look at the finalized project. This is a 29g saltwater tank with a 10g sump that features three baffles. The overflow box is one that I ordered off eBay from a seller named modularmarine - check them out!
  21. Lukelebeau

    125 Gallon build!

    Hey guys! This is my first post...not sure it's in the right forum. I want yall to follow me on my 125 gallon sps dominated mixed reef build! This is my 2nd reef tank, and going to be my first shot at keeping SPS! Super stoked! Ordered a custom glass tank 60"×22"×22" wanted to go rimless but...
  22. Turbo's Aquatics

    Acrylic Fabrication Q & A

    I am very active on a similar mega-thread elsewhere but I couldn't find an active one here on R2R. @Troylee started the Acrylic 101!!!!! thread a while back, but it doesn't look like he's very active here anymore. Maybe this thread will suck him back in, he has great advice. SHORT CUT LIST...
  23. Pipe Dreams: The In’s & Out’s Of Aquarium Plumbing

    Pipe Dreams: The In’s & Out’s Of Aquarium Plumbing

    You have a lot of options now-a-days when it comes to plumbing an aquarium and that can make the task a bit overwhelming. There are quite a few different solvents, glues, primers, fittings, piping, and sealants all with their own particular purpose. To complicate that a little more each one has...
  24. A DIY Alkalinity Test

    A DIY Alkalinity Test

    Alkalinity is one of the most important measurements that a reef aquarist can make. It can become rapidly depleted in many aquaria, requiring frequent measurement in order to maintain stable levels. While hobby test kits for alkalinity can be simple to use, some aquarists find them either...