1. NY_Caveman

    AIO Build AIO Compartment Refugium vs HOB

    AIO users, please comment on unexpected issues you have encountered using a rear compartment for macroalgae. I am especially concerned with issues of nuisance algae growing in the compartment. I am weighing the pros/cons of using a chamber as a simple refugium compared to using a CPR HOB...
  2. pelphrey

    Ecosystems Miracle Mud

    I've been wanting to try this stuff for awhile now, since I pulled the skimmer from my Reefer 250 last week and I am relying on the @SantaMonica RAIN2 as my primary filtration I now have room to implement the mud! I grabbed 5lbs from @MarineDepot and dumped into a critter cage, added 2 cups of...
  3. kamakazian

    Sump sponge

    Does anybody know where I can get some decent sponges for my sump tank on the cheap? From a quick google search I found some around $8-12. Anyone have any reliable/trustworthy sources? TIA!

    Mechanical, Biological or Chemical ...

    Its amazing how many of us still dont fully understand the varying types of filtration available .. I created this video to hopefully explain it in a level of detail everybody can understand :) I hope you enjoy it!
  5. djbetterly

    Thoughts on socks...other options?

    I hate filter socks, but I also hate detritus in my sump. I’ve been trying to come up with an idea for a replacement for a filter socks. I have a CNC machine here so I can build a lot of different things. I’d prefer if I could make something that uses filter floss or something that I can...
  6. S

    From Canister filter to sump. Help please

    Ok so I’m still new to this website and the hobbie. I have a 40 gallon saltwater tank.. Fish and live rock tank is 4 feet high. I’ve been using a fluval canister filter and Im honestly fed up with canister filters and wanting to move to sumps. I have a diy 10 gallon fish tank made to a...
  7. S

    From Canister filter to sump. Help please

    Ok so I’m still new to this website and the hobbie. I have a 40 gallon saltwater tank.. Fish and live rock tank is 4 feet high. I’ve been using a fluval canister filter and Im honestly fed up with canister filters and wanting to move to sumps. I have a diy 10 gallon fish tank made to a...
  8. landlocked303

    Swapping Out Rock...

    I started my 30 gal tank about 1.5 years ago using pukani rock. I have grown to hate my aquascape and it really isn't working well for coral placement. I would love to buy some Caribsea dry live rock and make a custom aquascape and then cure the rock for a few weeks with some marinepure from the...
  9. Ramiro Casal

    Need help with a filter

    I have a 20 gallon tank with the aquaneon filter, I want to upgrade and am looking for a cheap upgrade anyone have any suggestions? My tank isnt a reef tank it doesnt have any corals.
  10. wannaheli

    Understanding the IM Fusion sump

    I'm in the process of setting up an Innovative Marine Fusion 20 tank and am trying to learn as much as possible. The return chamber is the largest chamber and has an area that is under chamber 1 and 2. It would seem that the water in that area would be stagnant. What would be the purpose of...
  11. Puddy

    Hello all new here

    Hi guys I'm new here and am new to Saltwater Aquariums, I have had and successfully kept fresh water aquariums for several years. I always wanted to keep a SW aquarium but just haven't had the space to start. Long story short my wife and I recently bought a new house and she bought me a 70...
  12. Jim Harrison

    While we are talking about filter socks and other media... Question:

    I've built my sump a little high on the water line, so I don't think I will have enough space to use filter floss as a media. I've got about 3'-4" (will need to measure when I get home) of clearance above the water line. Seems I'm going to have to go with a filter sock, yeah? Filter socks are...
  13. Niterunner77

    New Reef question..... live rock vs. dry rock

    Hello all fellow reefers! I'm in the process of setting up my 75G reef tank and had a question. Probably a common question though. I'm between buying live rock or just buying dry rock. Should I just start with the dry rock? I just don't want to start off on the wrong foot and get live rock and...
  14. D

    RO/DI question, if I may.

    Hello everyone, super new to the hobby, still trying to get all the parts necessary to at least start the cycle. Got an 80g rimless frag tank, built a stand (just the frame for now). Made myself a sump with a 40g breeder. Got a used skimmer that I think will work on my tank as long as I don't...
  15. B

    New filtration for 55gallon reef tank all HOB

    I have an almost totally dead reef tank the current filtration is a really bad HOB filter that came with the tank. HOB is the only option and I would like to know if these peices of equipment would work. Reef Octopus Classic 1000 HOB Protein Skimmer 2 ViaAqua Poly-Reactor (Multi-Media...
  16. Sunshine22

    Brand New Equipment

    sicce multi Quiet 2500 brand new in box 40$ Eshopps Eclipse Overflow Box Kit 45$ DIY 10 Gallon 3 chamber sump 10$ 15' Red schedule 40 pvc 10$ If you buy all I have some locline equipment and bulkheads I'll throw in probably 30$ worth Will ship at buyers expense, located in McKinney Texas
  17. Sammi Mi

    Microbubbles from my filter

    Hey peeps, I'm running a marineland 360 canister filter. It's been up and running for 6 weeks now, cleaned once 3 and a half weeks ago. For some reason I am getting microbubbles (mb) from the return flow. The mb aren't happening constantly, they come in little spurts; I can hear that it's...
  18. Steelheader09

    Biocube 32 Filtration

    So I have a LED Biocube 32. I am using the stock filtration basket for now. My question is how high should the water be in the back. I see on the 29's there was a high water mark, however my 32 only has a min mark. I filled the back and my media kept floating and I noticed that defeated the...
  19. AlexChef

    EShoppes PSK-150 help

    Bought it off eBay had no manual so I'm not quite sure where the optimal water level to set it at. This is my first in sump skimmer and it is working quite well foaming and producing waste I would just like to know what the optimal level is
  20. MidwestReefer

    Using Carbon?

    hello everyone. I was told today at my LFS that I shouldn't/ don't need to run carbon on my tank all the time.. but only when, and or if I need it. My tank is 13.5 gl, 12 working gallons, with 1.5 gl sump, and holds about 10gl after water displacement. im finishing up cycling the tank, and will...
  21. leepink23

    Advice on filtration and trying to advance a reef.

    I have a 150 gallon aquarium, with a SKIMZ KONE SK201 INTERNAL PROTEIN SKIMMER, DIY Algae turf scrubber. I currently have moved all fish to a 55 gallon to properly quarantine after an ick breakout. I was battling with hair algae with Nitrates-8, phosphates-.08. I plan to only add 8 total fish...
  22. Luca'sMom

    Most loved filter for 30g tank?

    Hi all:) Just going the through the list of "what to buy" for my new 30g. Filters: well, my tank came with one but looks ancient. I am curious what you all would recommend as a good one that not too pricey and works well for a few torch corals and clownfish. Also something that isn't too loud...
  23. jason2459

    The Gapper 400GPD Light Commercial RO from Buckeye Hydro

    Little review and getting it setup! PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Residential-scale systems too slow, and commercial systems too expensive for your application? Meet The Gapper - an RO system that utilizes the best of both worlds to...
  24. Sdiesel77

    Nano 15G/60L - Using Live Rocks in filter or not

    Hi Guys, My nano tank 15G/60L has been running great for over a year, water parameters look alright however I start noticing a caulerpa racemosa invasion and some dino. I am using crushed live rocks in my back filter and was wondering if I should keep it this way or if it could be generating...
  25. Salty-Sailor

    Keep HOB Dual filter or go to canister filter?

    Trying to decide between keeping my HOB filtration system or switching to a canister filter like the fluval G3 or the fluval FX4??? any suggestions? not sure if i even need more filtration or if i will really see a huge difference after spending the money. going in a 55gallon Non drilled tank...
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