1. Emac909

    California Dry Good Trade FS 1/2” sea swirls

    Selling two 1/2” sea swirls. I refurbished these. Both have new rubber seals and food grade silicone grease. The motors have both been rebuilt. Cleaned and lubricanted. They are super quiet $60 each shipped or $110 for the pair shipped
  2. Victory652

    How to figure out right flow

    I have a 55gal long tank, all types of coral. Right now mainly softies(Zoas) and trying some sps(birds nest) and Lps (blueberry leptastrea). It seems my Stony corals are having some issues and are not to happy. I don't think i ever thought about how powerful my wavemaker we're until I saw...
  3. S

    Flow for lps and sps, is it the velocity thats required or just overall turnover? PLEASE HELP!

    Hi everyone. I made a thread the other day which looked at hopefully getting my tank to start growing some corals. One of the suggestions was to look at increasing the flow of my tank. I have a 180 gallon, 6 foot mixed reef aquarium. Filled with acros, euphillia, heliofungia plating coral...
  4. S

    180 Gallon Reef corals not growing. Help please.

    Hi guys, I have been scouring the threads for awhile now, in search for potential solutions. This is my first post and I have finally decided to ask for some help. I have a 180 gallon reef aquarium I bought second hand. I have owned the tank for about 2 years or so now. I started with wet rock...
  5. S

    SEEKING ADVICE: Skimmer and flow

    SEEKING ADVICE: Skimmer and flow I own a gen2 bubble King 200 mini, which i've been thinking to use on my next build (75g display tank + 30g sump). In addition i'll be running a filter roller. My concern is that the skimmer is oversized and that i might be better with a smaller or simply run...
  6. N

    Still struggling with overall flow.

    I’ve got a 90 gallon tank, It currently has mostly spa and lps, but it’s pretty mixed. I decided to try cross flow pumps and accidentally ended up getting two different versions, I purchased a cp90 (jebao cross flow pump) and then accidentally got an SCP 90, I literally for the life of me can’t...
  7. C

    Good flow for my torch?

    Is this flow looking good for my torch? Added about 4 hours ago
  8. N

    Flow help

    So, ive been running two jebao 90s on a 90 gallon tank, I cannot for the life of me get the flow to be a nice and gentle breeze, it’s either no flow or a ******* hurricane. I have my pumps aimed at the surface, I have them on both ends of my tank on the side glass, I run the left one of pulse...
  9. R

    Inkbird Temp Controller connected to Heat Mat for equipment free Pico Reef? (No Visible Equipment in Aquarium)

    I was wondering if I could use some kind of heat mat to bring my 15 Liter Pico reef to a set temp with an Inkbird temp controller. I would buy a Thermo Canister Filter but OASE is from the UK and it's like $100 delivery plus the $180 for the 100w OASE Thermo Canister. And I still think 100w...
  10. C

    Is this Good flow for gonipora?

    Just added this into my tank couple hours ago. Is the flow OK for a gonipora? https://youtube.com/shorts/mjs0EyoGZAk?feature=share
  11. T

    Sand Replacement Peninsula

    I’ve got a 200 gallon peninsula build I’m planning to transfer my existing Reefer 350 into. The BRS videos sold me on Caribsea Ocean Direct sand as I wasn’t a super fan of my current sand and I liked the idea of hopefully bringing in the bacteria from the direct ocean sand. Unfortunately, the...
  12. diamondreef

    Small pump or wave maker for 25G Biocube?

    Hello ☺️ Just curious about recommendations for a small pump or wave maker for some more flow in the tank. Or if it’s even needed. I was thinking maybe an MP10 but it’s a bit out of my budget at the moment. Thanks!
  13. MnFish1

    Its all about Flow.

    So its often said that too high a flow can be 'bad'. Yet when I've been in the ocean - at least often, the flow is far higher than anything we could ever achieve in our tanks. I'm not talking about aiming a powerhead 1 inch from a piece of coral and letting it hit it 24/7, but rather lets say...

    Flow advice

    Hi I’m wanting to know if I have enough flow for my 250 litre tank… I have a Fluval cp4 pointed up to surface…. This one delivers 5200 lph….. I also have a sow-4 opposite side for flow acr sand bed… This one outputs 4000 lph….. The tank is longer than it is high if dimensions are needed I can...
  15. Schraufabagel

    Gyre vs regular wave maker?

    I currently use an AI Nero 3 for my 25 gallon peninsula AIO. I am seeing some dead spots since my scape is a cove style, and some detritus builds up there. The wavemaker also channels the flow too much and blows the sand out of a corner until it’s bare. I’m wondering, would using a gyre...
  16. Y

    Is a Nero 3 suitable for my 20G tank?

    Hey all, I just purchased a Red Sea Max Nano, it’s a 20g AIO cube. The display is roughly 62L/16.5Gallon. I’ve finally decided on my powerhead, and decided to go a Nero 3. From what I’ve found, most people run a Nero on a tank my size at roughly anywhere from 2%-20% capacity. Just would like...
  17. Schraufabagel

    Flow suggestions?

    I am noticing detritus build up on my sand. I have nassarius snails and plenty other snails and crabs on my clean up crew. I suspect my flow pattern could use some improvement. My AI Nero 3 is set to 1100 GPH for my 25 gallon AIO. The reason I have it positioned in the middle was because it was...
  18. J

    frag tank flow

    I just got my waterbox frag 105.4 and I want to know if one Nero 5 is enough flow because I want to be ready, there isn't water in it yet or anything but I would really like to know if the one would be fine since it's a decently shallow tank. I already have the one Nero 5 but I will buy another...
  19. J

    flow for waterbox frag 105.4

    I just got my frag 105.4 and I want to know if one Nero 5 is enough flow because I want to be ready, there isn't water in it yet or anything but I would really like to know if the one would be fine since it's a decently shallow tank. I already have the one Nero 5 but I will buy another or a...
  20. alimac122

    Oklahoma ISO Gyre Pumps for 90g cube

    Looking to purchase TWO gyre pumps for my 90g cube system. Willing to trade for a CurrentUSA setup with bluetooth connect LED light bar, two 1200GPH magnetic pumps and one 600GPH magnetic pump. OBO They are GREAT and all work phenomenally, I just have done research and read that gyre pumps...
  21. trmiv

    Florida Maxspect Gyre XF330 dual pump kit and Maxspect ICV6 controller

    Maxspect Gyre XF330 dual pump kit. This includes two xf330s, one controller and one power supply. Bought this as a kit in January 2020 and used until mid-March this year. Would like to sell together as the kit since I purchased them that way. $340 shipped for the kit also have a...
  22. Schraufabagel

    Flow and nutrient control help

    My tank has been up and running for about a month. The rock has been fully cycled for almost 3 months. I’m currently in an ugly phase. My phosphate is 0.05 and my nitrates have been between 5 and 10. I have a mix of macro algae and coral. What I’m wondering is, is there anything I need to...
  23. NanoReeferAlex

    Flow Sw-2 Nuvo 10

    Can anyone help me solve the flow issue in my Nuvo 10 Cube, i have a Jaebo SW-2 wave maker and i can’t figure out where it should go in the tank. i originally had it placed on the left side glass but i wasn’t sure if my anemone was liking it? now i placed on the back false wall and it looks...
  24. H

    Too much flow?

    Hello, I have had this torch for a couple weeks now and it’s not opening, is there too much flow? Here’s a vid:
  25. T

    Opinions and Advice

    Hi Reefers, I am relatively new to the hobby and have finally got my tank in good condition. Its a Reefer 350 I bought used for $750 with fish and everything. I would take any opinions or advice you have on it. One issue I still have is sand blowing around. Do you guys have any ideas on...
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