1. MnFish1

    A somewhat long 'myth busters' Poll

    There are a lot of truisms (some would say myths) - in this hobby. Note - the word myth - is not meant to suggest anything negative about any of these points. Just that they are 'common' things we read every day on the forums. In the poll there is a 'commonly expressed 'statement' and its...
  2. Aprod

    Flow Issues - Need Advice

    I have an AIO Nuvo Fusion 20 gallon with a a Sicce 1.5 return pump (357 gph), random flow generator nozzles, and an MP10. The tank has been up and running now for close to five months and I have done weekly 10% water changes since it has been cycled. Even though I have sufficient equipment to...
  3. MarineDepot

    What you need to know about FLOW

    What you need to know about FLOW Water flow is an integral part of coral biology and necessary for keeping corals in captivity
  4. gt44ever

    Getting with the flow in my 650g DT

    Hello reefers! I'm looking to up the flow in my monster FO(WLR) tank. Most of the monster threads I've been through are using somewhere north of 4x 4000+gph powerheads for flow, granted mostly for reefs. Currently I have this (controlled water flow shown along with a rough aquascape. Tank is...
  5. Lylelovett

    Do you decrease/alter flow at night?

    Hi all, I'm beginning to fine tune my wave makers and was curious what you all do at night, if anything? Do you decrease your flow? If so, by how much? Adjust waves? Etc? Any other thoughts? Thanks!
  6. Tangina20

    Locline sizing

    Im trying to get the most flow using the least amount of gph from my return pump and the only way of doing this is by tapering the flow. I currently have 3/4 return plumbed into 3/4 locline with dual circular nozzles. I ordered 3/4 inch flare nozzles from brs but the fittings are too loose so I...
  7. M

    Ecotech: Non-Existant Customer Support

    Buyer beware: I paid top dollar for my mp40’s and all of a sudden, the wet side of the pump now falls off during feed mode. Not even 2 months old. Contacted customer support and the rep kept repeating the same questions, asking information that I already provided, and I found to be lazy with...
  8. Lylelovett

    Powerhead placement and flow ideas?

    Hi all, I have a 5x2x2 mixed reef. I've got 10 fish and 7 corals; a range of softies, LPS, and one SPS. So just starting out really. :) My tank has been up and running for 4 months and I'm now working on dialing in my flow and powerhead placement. I have 2 Tunze 6105s, currently placed at...
  9. kanders87

    1 or 2 gyres?

    So I have a 54 gallon corner aquarium. Currently I have a 1k gyre on the right hand side running alternating at 80%. There are only fish in it at the moment while it finishes up its ugly phase. I’m thinking I’m going to want more flow once I start adding corals though. Will be LPS dominated...
  10. Homebrewer

    Nero 5 - % Settings and Actual Flow

    First, I want to say that I love these pumps. If I were writing a review on a vendor website, it would be "5 stars" and "yes, I would recommend to a friend." These are my first controllable pumps and I find the app to be really easy to use, fun to program, and I think built-in flow meter is...
  11. ccurnick

    Epoxy/Sand Bottom.. best of both worlds? Can it be done?

    Has anyone had any luck (long/short term) with creating a false bottom out of epoxy/sand to reap the benefits of bare bottom while maintaining the look of sand?
  12. Tangina20

    What is the difference between the Jebao wave makers??

    I have a 40 breeder and I’m currently only using the return pump as my only source of flow and have been looking in to getting a wave maker. I think I only need/want 1 for now. I see Jabao pp, ow, sow, and rw series they all look the same to me and cost about the same?? Which one is the newest...
  13. Tangina20

    Using a return pump primarily for flow

    I have had a 40 breeder for a few months and coming from having nanos, sumps and plumbing are fairly new to me. I bought a used quiet one 4000(1022 gph) cut back with a valve and have a split return nozzle for my flow. I came across some forums saying to never use your return pump as a primary...
  14. choss

    Plumbing for flow

    I am about to plumb the return for my 96 gallon reef. I am using a Varios 6 pump, and I plan to run a manifold off this pump in addition to the return for the tank. The return bulkheads for my tank are 3/4" X2. The Varios 6 can push 1700 GPH. 'd like to maximize my flow and have the following...
  15. Seahorsekelly69

    Proper Flow in a Seahorse System

    I see a lot of confusion about flow, so I thought I'd share a few of my articles from my own website here on reef2reef. Here's a link to the original: https://seahorsewhisperer.com/flow-in-a-seahorse-tank/ “Flow is one of the most important, and yet least understood aspects of a seahorse tank”...
  16. BedrockIOMC

    Apex LMK, Think I need to move up

    Ok I bought the Apex FMK (Flow Monitor Kit) and installed the 1/2 flow sensor in line in my return hose to my DT . I have a EFLUX return pump that pumps up to 1050 gph. Before I installed the senor I ran my pump and 70% power and everything seemed to be good. I could see where it raised the...
  17. alexytman

    How do you know if flow is too strong or light too high?

    My corals so far had been high light and flow, but how do you know your coral is getting too much flow/light. I know too much light can turn corals brown because of zooxanthellae. What about flow? Do they close up with too much flow?
  18. Danh Ngo

    Flow pattern - need some help

    I will be setting up a 65G due to custom built tank, this is my idea of setting up the flow for the tank Pump : maxspect gyre 230 (2300gph) or larger. The tank is 36” wide and overflow is 24” wide. So I have around 6” on both side from the edge to put the magnet. This pic below would it be too...
  19. Joe Batt

    Flow at the end of peninsula tanks...??

    Contemplating a reasonably large peninsula but a little worried about getting flow at the top end of the tank without effecting the aesthetics of the tank itself too much. How have people been doing it. Photos and ideas would be appreciated.
  20. Jeremy K.A.

    Gyre XF230 setup

    Hey guys I recently purchased and set up a maxspect gyre XF230 and was wondering if I can set it up so it runs on higher power during the day and lower power at night? I don't want to do it manually everyday in fear of wearing out the controller. Please let me know, thank you!
  21. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    Flow Visualization - Give us your ideas!

    We have been playing around with ways to show the unique flow pattern the Random Flow Generator Nozzle is capable of producing. Because it works through fluid dynamics and has no moving parts, it’s been a bit of a challenge because anything you put in the water such as micro beads, tends to...
  22. lambchops

    Handheld Flow Meter

    Something that I've been thinking about but haven't put much time or effort into researching is flow inside the tank. There is much debate on what flow should be going through your sump, fuge, and powerheads. We have nifty inline flow meters that will help diagnose issues with our overflow and...
  23. Joe Batt

    Triton flow amount.

    I'm just setting up the refurbished tank to Triton spec's and have a query with regard to flow. I have a RedSea Reefer 350 tank with a Synergy Triton sump. I have an Octo Vaios 8 pump and using it to feed the return via a manifold that has a chiller, and 2 reactors attached ( ROWA and carbon)...
  24. T

    WAV pumps for a peninsula tank

    How can I get good circulation with Apex WAV for a 120 gallon peninsula tank? I don't want to obstruct the view from three of the four sides. I will have an external overflow.
  25. Wbrian

    Help programming 2 MP40s

    Hi All! I am having a little flow issue in my 65 mixed reef and was having sand piling up on one side of the tank bottom. So I bought a 2nd MP40. I have the ReefLink set up and both MP40s are recognized. Now to figure out the programming... I'm looking for a starting point that I can tweak...