1. walloutlet

    Final Broke into SPS - Gurus Opinions Needed (2 too be exact)

    Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone, I've finally broke into SPS this weekend since my tank has been steadily producing coralline algae I figured it was time to try. I went to my LFS and snooped around finally returning back with one and here is where everyone can flame me. I've...
  2. wizmatt

    Question about flow in my soon-to-be reef aquarium

    I am an amateur reefer who has just about finished cycling my 60 gallon 4-foot long aquarium with a green chromis and some hermit crabs and snails. Today, I went to my local fish store to purchase powerheads for my aquarium. I am planning to stock soft and LPS corals in the future. The employee...
  3. Manda0597

    Predator Tank Flow

    Hey, y'all! Just about done setting up our 75G predator tank. But I have a question regarding the flow! The tank will consist of the following livestock: 2 Blackfoot Lionfish 1 Juvenile Snowflake Moray 1 Bluespot Puffer 1 Blue Throat Trigger Here's what I've got for flow as of now. Trying to...
  4. nanonøkk

    random flow question

    ok so i’m gonna be upgrading my flow in my tank and when i was ordering the pump i had an idea. so i ordered a y split and two random flow generators with an adapter so i can split the flow to go around the tank. my question is is if i do that can i effectively remove this small pump i have in...
  5. fox0521

    Flow for coral

    Hello! New to the saltwater side of the hobby here I’ve got a 55 gallon tank, with the following: 2 Tunze 6045 power heads 2 AI prime 16hd, running the Saxby preset 2 Snow Onyx Clownfish 12 blue leg hermit crabs 12 astraea snails Green tip hammer Green polyp Duncan Green star polyp that snuck...
  6. B

    Return pump for an AIO 10g

    I have an All in one 10g, (Similar to the nuvo fusion 10). Since it’s a 10g, I’ll probably not add a separate wave maker, so I’d like all the flow for the tank coming from the return pump. I’d like to know whats the maximum gallon/hour the return pump has to be? I got a really good deal for a...
  7. Nate_Krohn

    Too much flow for lps?

    I just upgraded power heads and got a Nero 5. I set it on pulse mode and was wondering if it’s too much flow for my elegance coral on the sand bed? I have a video attached. Thanks!
  8. reefcity92

    Brown algae appearing in high flow area

    Below is a picture of my recent algae bloom. It is on a live rock directly where a power head is blowing. I am assuming that I should remove the power head. any advice would be more than appreciated! Will add better photos in the morning.
  9. Amantijt

    Sump Level Issue

    So recently i set up my new 120gal tank, plumbed it all myself. Drain hole drilled called for a 1 1/2" but hole was cut wrong had to use 1 1/4" for my drain piping which the bulkhead was almost impossible to find by the way. The return was correct and is 3/4". My issue is that even though i have...
  10. NewCaliCaptives

    Hello New Member/My Story and FLOW

    Hey guys! I Just joined R2R for the missing macna sale! This is a great forum and has been very helpful to me over the past couple of years so I am excited to finally become an active member! I breed Ball Pythons and Crested Geckos, among owning MANY other reptiles. Loving animals is in my DNA...
  11. poke555mon

    Double up?

    I just got my aquarium set up a couple days ago it’s a 60 gal cube, I’m pretty new but I’ve got some experience although I’ve never had my own tank. I’ve got a sump and a hang on the back filter which I’ve never seen anyone do. I’m still working on my sump a little so I got the hang on just to...
  12. Sick_man

    Need help with flow

    Hi, I want to get a circulation pump for my tank but they are sorta expensive for me. There are some cheap ones on Amazon that circulate the water at a constant rate without change but I heard that it isn't that good. Should I get one pump? Should I get 2? What are your suggestions? I would...
  13. S

    Jebao SLW-10 in Nuvo 10. Thoughts ?

    Have anyone used the Jebao SLW-10 in Nuvo 10? Any experiences?
  14. M

    Better a smaller pump run at 40% - or a larger pump run at 20%?

    I have a tank similar to a 2ft cube. I wanna buy a couple of Maxspect gyres. Either the 330s or 350s. At first glance, the 350 gyres would seem the more attractive option: The 350s are longer than the 330s - which means the flow is distributed over a wider area. The 350s offer the same flow...
  15. lime_II

    40g cube flow advice for a newbie

    Hi! I am new to reef2reef as a member but frequently spend time here reading and trying to absorb as much info as I can :) I am slowly starting my first reef tank. The only gear I have right now is an Aquatop AIO 40g cube. My plan is to start the tank with live rock and sand as well as inverts...
  16. Luke023

    Help - Setting up Gyre pumps in a reef tank

    Hi everyone. I have a Redsea 625xxl mixed reef tank. Trying to better understand flow in thr aquarium. Currently I run a decent return pump with a random flow nozzle, meaning my flow is reliant on the two Maxspect gyre pumps on either end of the tank. Looking for advice on what settings...
  17. W

    Is this good flow for a torch coral

    Is this good flow for a torch coral. Also if someone could I’d this torch that would be nice it was sold as indo dragon soul
  18. spacesamurai

    Algae Identification and reasoning

    Hello! I recently ran into a problem with what looks like green hair algae as you can see in the picture below. I have a large refugium and a deep sand bed in the sump, I thought the macro-algae would take all the nutrients but apparently this can still grow. Specs: 150gallon tank 70gallon...
  19. Ignacio0607

    ***Torch coral help!!!!***

    So I need help getting the most out of my torches I’m running a 108g tank with a maxspect gyre350 set at 60 ramping down wave to 10 with 1 second spread also. Have T5 lights from 9-6 then 3 hydras from6-12 just need help all levels good 2 year tank torches are on the side where the gyre is placed
  20. Lewism11

    Flow in your tank

    I’m curious after watching yet another reef documentary. A lot of discussion goes on about flow and what is best, I’ve noticed with seeing the corals in the wild that often the water does not move fast but is strong. Is it possible to create this flow with power heads in our tanks? Every...
  21. A

    Question about flow

    Hi all, I had a question about the amount of flow I have in my tank. I have a 20 gallon long tank (IM Nuvo 20g Peninsula) that is about 30in long. The tank came with a mighty jet that goes up to 325 gph and I have an aqamai kps that pumps Between 375-1050. So my question is if I have too much...
  22. ConorE

    Water level in display tank too low

    Hi Guys The water level in my display tank is just under the top acrylic, so I can see a half inch above my water, which isnt great. My sump is also fairly noisy from the drain pipe into it, as the display water level is so low it takes quite a bit of air with it and I get a lot of gargling...
  23. Difrano

    Light and Flow schedule?

    I have a RSR 250 with 2 AI prime 16HD (I know they might be a little underpowered for SPS but I am in the learning curve and no plans to keep difficult SPS) and 1 MP40 on the side of the tank, I am controlling the MP40 with an Apex WXM module. I set up my MP40 to ramp up at the same time the AI...
  24. Fsh

    Powerheads and flow in a Nano.

    So I’m trying to work out how many powerheads and placement. I have a 20 gallon RedSea Max Nano. I want to keep SPS at the top, and a few LPS and softies at the bottom. I have one small cheap powerhead that I’m going to have at the back behind the rock to keep there from being dead spots...
  25. LxHowler

    New Powerhead advice

    Hi. I am still relatively new to saltwater so apologies if I sound stupid. I have a Kent marine biocube and I have notice that the Powerhead that came with it seems incredibly weak. I dropped some pellet food about 2 inches Infront of it and it just sank straight past it, didn't get blown...
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