1. W

    Hole in my frogspawn?

    Yesterday I increased the flow in my tank by adding a Maxspect Gyre 330 as I was having issues with detritus building up on the sand and with cyanobacteria in a few low flow areas. I'm running it on a low setting (no higher than +/- 30% power) and most corals seem fine with it but today my...
  2. Michael White

    Large Build Flow in tall reef tanks 72 x 24x36

    Looking for flow advice for my tank, bothnin terms of equipment, flow patterns, and aquascape. It is a 72” x 24” x 36”, setup as a room divider between two columns, with overflows on both side panels and both front and back viewing panels. Intend to be an sps dominant mixed reef with tangs and...
  3. T

    Wave maker or return pump

    So I’m having a hard time deciding on which way to increase the flow inside my tank. I’m debating on getting the hygger wavemaker 1600 model or the mightyjet 538 with a spinstream attachment. Just would like some other input on which is better. My tank is the IM 15 gallon
  4. C

    Cube Build Best Flow in 40g cube.

    Trying to figure out the best placement and flow pattern for my 40 gallon AT cube. I have 2 Nero 3s and a mighty jet pump. The aquascape is centered in the tank with the left side being higher.
  5. dustynavy

    Help with flow videos 75g

    Hi, I have a 75-gallon tank that has been set up for a year now. I am still learning a lot and thought I would ask all of you if my flow looks good. The video of the corals are ones that you can see swaying. Thank you for any advice. Power heads: Aqueon 950 in the bottom back corner 7...
  6. W

    Looking to improve flow - Red Sea Max E 260 with Cyano outbreak

    I've had some trouble getting even flow in my Max E 260 and I'm currently fighting a Cyano outbreak so looking for advice. Currently the bulk of the flow is coming from two Tunze 6095s at the back of the tank pointed at each other. I have them controlled by my GHL profilux to create random...
  7. S

    10g sps flow help

    What’s going on everybody! I’m looking at a couple Wavemakers and not sure which one I should pull the trigger on. I have an aq110 set up as a fuge! That says it can be from 150-500 gph. I will have no sand bed! As far as pump wave makers go is this over kill? Jebao SLW Wave Maker Flow Pump...
  8. LightingBug

    Ecotech Vortech Flow Vids - Stock, Neat Aquatics Wide and Narrow, and the 4dAquatics Directional

    Tried a few different wetsides today and thought I would share: BONUS: feel free to critique my aquascape (I will add an island on the front left) Not a scientific test but speps: Mp10, 40% Flow, 32g Fiji EXT (only filled below the overflow for now) - about 23" left to right. Sorry for the...
  9. P

    Washington Lighting Drygoods Mp40, radion, xr30 g4 pro, reeflink, 150sss skimmer

    X2 Radion xr30 G4 pros, $300ea $275ea - SOLD X1 MP40 - SOLD
  10. pal98111

    Can I bury the Kenya Tree trunk in sand?

    Can I bury the trunk of my Kenya tree deep in the sand? It keeps shrinking in the flow and the other place that I can move it to just has a sand bed. I had it in the sand before but it fell over. I need to really bury it.
  11. S

    Powerhead Mounting Help

    Hello! I am new to the hobby and am in the process of planning out my first reef tank. The tank that I have selected is 48" long and 24" wide and 20" tall with two flexible return pump discharge points in the middle back of the tank. I am very interested in the Vortech MP40 powerheads but I...
  12. R

    New Refuge - how do I know how often the tank is cycling via the pump?

    Hello, I have my new refuge running. 75 gallon tank. 20 gallon refuge. 1 1/2 inch PVC overflow. Hygger 4000 return pump. Two wrasse One clown - he keeps killing the other clowns Three Damsel fish Five anemones - two long T, three bubble Four snails Four crabs Live sand Live rock Ph - 8.2 Temp...
  13. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    What kind of aquarium(s) do keep?

    Tell Us About Your Aquarium. what brand is it - is it a custom build or a off-the-shelf aquarium? Is it an all-in-one or does it have a sump, or maybe a canister filter? How many gallons is it, and what are the dimensions? Is it a mixed reef, fish only SPS dominant? Or, maybe a freshwater build?
  14. C

    Powerheads Drygoods SOLD 2x IceCap Gyre 2k pumps

    I have a pair of Icecap 2k Gyres for sale. They both come with the controllers but these are also Hydros wave engine compatible. Both pumps work great and have just been cleaned up. Asking $175 for the pair shipped to the lower 48. I only accept PayPal.
  15. L

    New behaviour from Hammer and Frogspawn - what are they telling me?

    Last night I made an adjustment to my flow as it was a little overwhelming for many or my coral. When I checked the tank this morning, I noticed everyone was happier, but my Hammer and Frogspawn look different - as you can see in the pic, they both are loose. They used to have their tentacles...
  16. santeeeyyy

    Too much flow?

    Hi, I have these two power heads, they are both hyggers but the tiny one on the left was rated 1500 ghp and the one on the right has no flow control, but tis rated 500 gph, Now I know thats alot of flow for the left one, I turned it all the way down on its lowest setting and I saw it was still a...
  17. bluerun

    Buy a second redsea or buy the dual maxspect gyre cloud edition

    I recently set up a pro clear 150. Lfs sold me pretty hard on a single redsea wavemaker 25. Put it in, I don’t believe it’s adequate flow so I planned on getting a second one for a crisp $320. THEN BRS post the video yesterday about the maxspect gyre cloud edition and it’s made me rethink...
  18. A

    Too much flow for a goniaporia

    Is this too much flow? Have had issues with positioning in the past, resulting in the loss of corals which has made me paranoid at this point.
  19. Scaggs1117

    Trying to get flow pattern right

    So I have an aqueon 29 tank with a fluval 307 canister filter along with 2 hygger mini DC wave makers at 1600gph each. My rockwork is pretty much in the center of the tank. One wave maker is on the right side wall in the lower back corner which is pushing water behind the rockwork to the...
  20. P

    Powerhead placement

    I have had a Cyanobacteria outbreak and have seemingly good water parameters, granted my tank isn’t the most stable because it is around 3 1/2 months old and fluctuates, I have siphoned most of it and a water change, and will get chemi clean if it persists for a while, but I was wondering if my...
  21. Baffels

    How do you set up your gyres?

  22. R

    Recommendations for Reefer 250 G2 flow

    Hello guys, I need to switch to a larger tank from my nano as it’s getting overgrown and I am going to go with Red Sea reefer 250 g2, now since I don’t have that much money for equipment right now I can’t buy MP40s or an expensive return so my idea was to go with: -Jebao SCP 70 or SCP 90...
  23. Scaggs1117

    Wave maker for 29gal?

    Whatsup guys, I have an aqueon 29gal standard reef, been up for 6-8weeks. I have mixed reef and also two clown fish with a couple of snails and hermits. My question lies with flow. I have a fluval 370 canister with the flow fully open and also 2 hygger mini DC wave makers(1600gph max for...
  24. M

    Jebao pump controller?

    Set up my sump and my brand new Jebao DCP 18000 controller won’t let me adjust the flow. It worked fine last night, adjusted speed up and down, no problem. It is not locked. I can press for 3 seconds and it flashes to indicate it is locked or unlocked like it should, but will not allow me to...
  25. M

    Jebao DCP 18000 can’t adjust flow

    Set up my sump and my brand new Jebao DCP 18000 controller won’t let me adjust the flow. It worked fine last night, adjusted speed up and down, no problem. It is not locked. I can press for 3 seconds and it flashes to indicate it is locked or unlocked like it should, but will not allow me to...