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  2. Sofiaaquafx

    New Video POSTED

    Hey guys I am Sofia the new marketing intern here at AquaFX. Just made a new YouTube video about Sediment Filtration. Check it out!!! Let me know what else you guys want to see.
  3. unweariedgoose

    New to here, but not new to fish!

    Hi everyone! I am from middle tennessee/ north of Nashville. My brother and I have maintained 2 fresh water tanks and a salt water for about 3, maybe 4 years now. Thankfully we haven't failed horribly since our first tank. We currently have an average array of "easy" fish, but the main reason...
  4. Fisker

    The freshwater Pom-Pom Crab

    So, I've set up a 5.5 gallon freshwater community in the past month or so, and I came across a unique little invert in my LFS last week... a freshwater pom-pom crab. I've seen these guys for sale online, but they've always been sold out or ridiculously pricey. This one was $11, and had all of...
  5. Fish_Boy_Wonder

    Paludarium work in progress.

    Soooo. Been using some scrap supplies and a random turtle tank I had laying around to do a new project. I build custom bioactive vivariums for tropical reptiles on the side, so I grow most of the plants I use in my green house. I’ve been vending through a buddy’s booth at the reptile shows, so...
  6. MarineDepot

    Transform Your Aquarium Experience With Sound and Color

    Transform Your Aquarium Experience With Sound and Color Join us THIS FRIDAY for a live Q&A with Ike Eigenbrode of Current USA! Click here to register (it's free!)
  7. Don Capalchey

    Freshwater tank has forget-me-nots growing under the water!

    Hello all! My freshwater Co2 tank has a little aqauaponics HOB filter..Planted In that I put Forget-me-not seeds. They all sprouted and are growing from ambient light, some sprouts even took to latch on my waterfall, haha..Under the T5 fixture. Well this morning I have noticed very pretty...
  8. Mistahbrock

    My DIY 280 Liters Freshwater Tank

    Hello R2R'ers Here is some pictures og my DIY 280 Liters Freshwater Tank It's rather long tank a long 140 Cm X 40 Cm Deep and 50 Cm High My fish are some very beautiful Rebacked Macropods, a pack of Khuli Loaches and a small bucnh of Amano shrimps. It also have a sump, inspired by various...
  9. Robin Haselden

    40B, from SW QT to planted FW...

    I have a 40B that was used to treat a pair of tangs for velvet. Both tangs survived treatment in Coppersafe and were traded into my LFS when I got out of larger tanks. I now have the desire to use that same 40B to set up a freshwater planted tank with some ram cichlids. How do I go about making...
  10. AwildcatsZ

    Red Planaria...freshwater dip?

    So I am in the middle of a battle with Red Planaria which has been going on for several months now. I've tried manual removal (keeps the population down, but it comes back), Flatworm eXit (corals do not like this), 12 Line Wrasse, and a Blue Velvet Nudibranch. Some of these have shown promise...
  11. MarineDepot

    Now In Stock: AI Prime HD FW

    Now In Stock: AI Prime HD FW Get fresh with Aqua Illumination's new Prime HD FW!
  12. Jaag

    Lucky To Have One Tank As It Is

    As the title says I am lucky enough to have one tank as it is (I have a 60 gal cube with a 18 gal sump). I will be getting some new fish in my tank here soon. I would really love to have a QT tank but a QT tank to my wife is just another tank. So with the circumstances I am in QT is not an...
  13. O

    Freshwater tank

    I know, this is a reef forum, and to make it worse, I built my tank for a turtle. I've been laughed out of a few LFS and forums for revealing that. But wait... I had the hardest time finding any information on freshwater tanks that were not just fishbowls with HOB filters on back, so in order to...
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