help please!

  1. damselindistress

    Bristle or Fire?

    Couple of questions please...woke up to find 3 of these bristle ? worms cruising around my unlit tank. I'd just like to say I MAY NEVER STICK MY HAND IN MY TANK AGAIN. 2 of the worms looked like greyish-tannish nondescript bristle worms but this one looked it a fire worm...
  2. damselindistress

    Help again please - sick trachy...fungus??

    **Admin/Mods** I accidentally posted this in the soft coral forum, can you please delete from there?** a few weeks back I posted about this same trachy, whether to reposition him or not - ultimately I left him alone based on the advice I received. At that time he was doing well, magnificent...
  3. damselindistress

    Help needed again please - trachy in bad shape

    a few weeks back I posted about this same trachy, whether to reposition him or not - ultimately I left him alone based on the advice I received. At that time he was doing well, magnificent really. He’s been in the tank a couple months and has always been in top form. About 10 days ago I...
  4. Swav8tor

    Help with ID and treatment!

    Have been quickly growing this algae, at first I thought Dino’s but know I’m not sure, one thought is Lyngbya Cyano. The tank is 2 months old. Tank is IM 20 Upgraded IM pump (500gph) Aqamai KPS (running 50%) 2 Prime HD Ghost skimmer Refugium in 2nd chamber Chaeto +pods 2 intank baskets running...
  5. F

    Not sure where to place wavemaker and what setting is best for each

    i have a biocube 32 I have 2 aqamai KPS wavemaker.... Basically I am not sure where to place them how much flow to leave them on (rated up to 1050gph) I am not sure if I should leave one on constant flow (not meaning at 1050 gph... lol I know they have to be dialed back) and one on a different...
  6. dangros

    Where to get unions on the Geo 612 calcium reactor

    Can anyone point me to where I can purchase the o-rings needed for the unions on a Geo 612 calcium reactor????? I would even get the union just to pull the o-ring out of it. Getting them from the orig manufacturer seems to take too long.
  7. Jeremy K.A.

    Feeding Tentacles

    Hello once again everyone, I was recently looking at some pictures of others tanks and have seen that some have crazy polyp extension with their LPS, the feeding tentacles, and then others have little to none at all during the day. I am one of the latter, during the day there is very little to...
  8. Snake132

    What type of clownfish are these ??

    Please help me , I’m trying to determine if these are percula or ocelaris I was told they are both percula but am not sure
  9. Jeremy K.A.

    Dosing Pump Safe?

    Hey reefers I have a question. I manually dose my 55 gallon tank every day/ every other day depending on consumption of alk/calcium, but would much rather get a dose and have it dose daily throughout the day for increased stability. HOWEVER, I'm extremely curious, how often have dosing pumps...
  10. Nico Ellis

    Overcrowded my 20 gallon long? (Don't judge me to hard.)

    *For starters i would like to say that there is no fighting in my tank, they all actually have a good amount of space im more concerned about the bioload in the 20 gallon, so give me tips, please. So, Basically to put it simply i fear that i have over populated my 20 gallon long tank. These are...
  11. Fishboy&crazycatfishlady

    Wave maker??!!

    Hey all! Back again with some more questions slowly and surely getting all my gear together to start my first marine aquarium! My next purchase is going to be my wave makers.....need some help with looking in the right direction here. So many options and most seem to be pretty much the same. 55...
  12. Z

    new to saltwater

    hello, well as the tittle says i am completely new to saltwater tanks i have owned freshwater but i wanted to move on. i recently got a 20 gallon aqueon tank kit and wanted to do nano reef tank. the reason i am positing here is to see what i need apart from what came with the kit and to help me...
  13. DeepBlueSomething

    [Advice] Nitrates, Phosphates & Algae - Cause and Effect?

    My tank cycled up fairly quickly with respect to ammonia management - about 2 weeks. I cycled with established LR that I got from a fellow hobbyist -- that LR was also established with some Green and Brown HA. (40b with 20L sump; no fish, CuC only, set-up in Mid Sept 2017) My nitrates climbed...
  14. C

    Help!! Utter Chaos zoas look unrecognizable

    My zoas went thru a fungal infection a few months ago and now they look like this after furan 2 dips and iodine dips and lots of patients how do I get them back to normal after: before: .
  15. Giraffe0621

    Nudibranch? Good/Bad or Something Totally Different?

    Just found this guy on the outside of my skimmer. He's from TBS Live Rock, so Gulf of Mexico. About 1cm, translucent-ish, pale cream/tan with crazy spikes & antenna. WHAT IS THIS?!?
  16. F

    new to idea what I am doing

    I recently purchased a 100gal established tank with a 30-40gal sump. The guy I bought it from stated it has been up and running for roughly 7 years. There is very little crushed coral and roughly 125lbs of live rock. the rock is covered in nothing but mushrooms tho. Not that I mind the mushrooms...
  17. Giraffe0621

    Mid-Way through Red Sea Mature Kit, but now adding TBS Live Rock -- do I now stop adding RedSea Kit?

    I just started a brand new tank (Red Sea Reefer 250). I originally was going to use all Marco Rocks & started using the Red Sea Reef Mature Kit (nitrifying/denitrifying bacteria, No3-PO4-X & KH-Coralline Gro) to help start the tank. I'm now on day 8 out of 21. Plans changed slightly & I ordered...
  18. Giraffe0621

    Are pill additives/binders safe for reef fish? Using crushed Chloroquine Phosphate (CP) tablets?

    I got a chloroquine phosphate script filled at a regular pharmacy, not a vet pharmacy, so was dispensed CP pills, not powder. It didn't even occur to me until I got home to question whether or not the fillers added to make pills stick together are inert for reef fish & are safe to use? I need...
  19. Rob77

    Help ID please

    What is this ? It came on a snail shell with my clean up crew ..... what it and does it need to go? Or keep ...
  20. Hambonej

    Tank takeover?

    What is this stuff and how do I get rid of it? Will this kill my corals? I have RODI water and have been doing water changes. I am so worried it will take over and kill everything.
  21. IMG_0329


  22. Mariners

    Issues w my rainbow infusion zoauv

    hi everyone, I have a frag w 1 polyp of rainbow infusiom and it is healthy most of the time. I am using an ai prime hd lights w my settings uv 50, violets 80, both blues 90, red and greens at 0, and whites at 30. At peak hours the infusion is fat, healthy, and open (pic 1). However, just in...
  23. Hambonej

    What is this stuff?

    I have a biocube 29, the sump is pretty basic. Chamber 1 hydor slim skim. Opened up the flow into chamber to filter floss, purigen, chemi pure elite, then rock rumble. Chamber three 3 heater and return pump. Two power heads in the back for extra flow in the tank. I have mars-aqua lights on a...
  24. Giraffe0621

    Ease/Cost of having new 20 amp dedicated gfci-protected circuit installed by electrician?

    Does anyone know expensive it generally is to have a new 20 amp dedicated GFCI-protected circuit installed by an electrician? Is it an easy/fast job for an electrician? My Reefer 250 arrives tomorrow morning(!) and will be set up in my living room, which is all on one circuit (it's a tiny...
  25. Giraffe0621

    Which hanging kit / rails / tracks to hang 2 Radion XR15Ws for 36" tank?

    I'm trying to figure out which hanging kit, rails or tracks, etc. are needed to hang 2 Radion XR15W lights on a 36" wide tank (RedSea Reefer 250). Would 1 Premium Hanging Kit & a Short Rail Kit sufficient? I'm a little confused, since the short & long rail kits mention the XR30W in their name...