1. zatch

    Flipper vs Algae Free

    Usually I buy a cheap Magfloat scraper for my tanks, however I want to get a nicer one this time around. Algae Free vs Flipper... Aside from looks, Is there any advantage to one over the other?
  2. 802ScubaFish

    Do You Run Carbon 24/7 or Never?

    Yesterday I saw a post on R2R that started me down a rabbit hole I didn't even know existed. As someone who has always run a "high quality" carbon in their filtration I never thought twice about it. However, it appears there is quite the debate on running a carbon source in an aquarium. After...
  3. Jax15

    Do you stir your sand bed or vac?

    How do you maintain your sand bed? Do you use a gravel vac to clean it out every time you do a water change, do you stir it once a week, or just leave it be? There's some debate about what the best method is -- if you vac, you'll clean out old detritus and keep the water clean, but perhaps pull...
  4. REEFer86

    Algae ID - Sand Maintenance Discussion

    What is this? I get so many different answers. Cyano is my final analysis but is it that. Should I get more snails? Which kind preferred? Also should I change the salt that I use? I get it from my LFS.
  5. smartwater101

    Besides when you're on vacation, have you ever paid a service to maintain you're aquarium?

    Do any of you have tanks (perhaps larger ones?) where you like to have a service company come by, from time to time, to help with maintenance? The longer I let the back wall fill with coralline algae, the more I dread scrapping it off. (I hate the look) Its a circle of procrastination that...
  6. MnFish1

    How necessary is it to clean your skimmer neck/cup.

    So - a recent thread reminded me of a question - how often do people clean their skimmer neck/cup. I do not do it regularly - and it tends to have a thick coating of 'gunk'. I always wondered if that was putting bad stuff 'back' into the tank - though I dont think it does. Answer the poll -...
  7. M

    AIO tanks for advanced hobbyst

    Hi all Been meaning to start this pool for a while... So I have a 90 gallon system with sump running for a couple of years, and my wife and I really enjoy it. The only problem is that I would love to spend much more time on it but I just can't. That can be noticed by how the rocks are not...
  8. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    Turn a spare MJ1200 Pump into a Detritus Vacuum!

    Everyone has a spare MJ pump in their old aquarium equipment bin. Why not put it to use on your next water change and clean out that sump with the MJV - MJ Utility Pump Vacuum Attachment by Compatible with 3/4in OD hose Add the vacuum attachment to any hose with a 3/4in OD and breeze...
  9. skimjim

    Your Reefing habits: from ULM to high manual labor

    To me, My reefing habits include getting my clothes SOAKED during routine maintenance, cleaning out skimmers that make me wanna puke in the corner, getting cuts on my hands moving stuff around, to feeling sore and stiff after a big 4hr monthly maintenance job. BUT in the end, I love it...
  10. Mr.Acro

    Refugiums: Do's, don'ts, and what to look for.

    Hey all, Thought we could start a thread on how to run a successful refugium. These are important, yet often overlooked, aspects of our ecosystems. Any advice to beginners and advanced aquarists alike would be valued. Thanks and happy reefing. -Mr.Acro
  11. mitch91175

    Best Glass Aquarium Cleaning Magnet

    Just as the title states, what do you guys think is the best glass cleaning magnet currently on the market. If you can submit your vote and discuss briefly why you think it is the best that would be awesome. Also if you can mention about what magnets you have used in making your ultimate...
  12. Slries

    Creating a Frag-tastic Tank!

    Hello fellow reefers!!! (Have I mentioned how much I love this place? You all are amazing! Keep doing you!) So we all know we start one aquarium and then just need more/bigger after that. Well I have since convinced my boyfriend to all me to setup a frag tank! I am hoping to frag all coral...
  13. cgaubuchon

    Remember to maintain your chillers!

    Just a little tip that I have never seen anyone mention on R2R before. A little background first.. It is still fairly warm right now in New England and my apartment gets pretty warm with the afternoon sun still. While at work, my ReefAngel warned me of an overheat flag. Odd, perhaps the...
  14. landlocked303

    Film/green hair algae and maybe bacteria (pics included)

    I've had this modified bio cube 29 running for about a year now and have gone through various algae battles. For the last few months however I've had this very slow, slimy, green and brown growth on my rocks. It's getting so bad that it's clogging up the filter floss on my overflow in a few...
  15. alexytman

    Fuzzy Lionfish/Maintenance

    I'm looking into a dwarf fuzzy lion found at my LFS (he's about 2in maybe even less). However, I wanted this to be a reef setup with corals and would like to know if it is very difficult to stick frags on rocks without the possibility of being stung. Or do they just avoid your arm
  16. shiftline

    Beginner Saltwater Aquarium Weekly Maintenance

    I have been getting asked a lot of question form new reefers on what all is involved in maintaining a saltwater reef tank. Yesterday i decided to film my "weekly" routine of maintenance to give a good overview of what all is involved in maintaining a reef tank. Below are my general weekly...
  17. Ted_C

    How I am beating Cyano without chemcials or GFO reactor

    I wanted to share my experiences with cyano (red slime bacteria) and how I am knocking it back naturally. One of my main goals in this 2nd go around with keeping a SPS reef tanks - I wanted to base my decision making on observation rather than test kits and chasing numbers. I wanted to avoid...
  18. cwb_reeftank

    keeping levels stable?

    ok I feel like I'm not sure how to maintain my levels at a stable point. I did a water change on May 26 and checked my alk and it read at 9.5 dKH(Hanna) I checked it today and it showed 7.6 dKH(Hanna). I want to keep my levels between 7-8. how would I one keep them stable and how would I dose or...
  19. landlocked303

    Algae Scrubber Help!

    About two months ago I bought an algae scrubber from Santa Monica filtration (Drop 1.4). I have had it running and am getting ZERO growth except for some nasty slightly brown goo. In my tank however I am getting a very small amount of green hair algae. Any advice on how to get the growth in the...
  20. PlanB

    Do you keep your sumps dirty or clean?

    So, I'm curious how others maintain their sumps, and if there is a benefit to keeping it somewhat messy, or if its best to clean it regularly. How does everyone here tend to their sumps? Currently I have a bunch of pineapple sponges popping up on the walls of my sump, and some trace amounts...
  21. B

    Trigger Sump Ruby 30 vs. Emerald 26

    Hi, All - I'm upgrading and tossing my Aqueon ProFlex, apparently too much flex as it has begun bowing over the years and swear the stand is damp on colder days, but can't find the leak. Having a hard time deciding which Trigger Sump I'd like to go with, Emerald 26 or Ruby 30. Here is my...
  22. C

    Need Helper

    looking to overhaul my 90 gallon tank. New sand, wrap, and decoration. Lots of rock- none alive any longer due to ich treatment. I'm a novice. Have had maintenance company doing some things but other than new fish my tank looks worse than when I maintained it. Willing to pay. Thanks.
  23. yoffer39

    Another Video From Us Here @ El-HefeReefs

  24. gilltyreefer

    Protein Skimming and Topping Off

    Hi all! I have been a freshwater hobbyist for a while and I have recently gotten in to the marine and reef side. I was a LFS lurker for a long time and I did a lot of research before I ventured down this path. I have a small reef tank (Bioucube 14). I have modified the second chamber and built...
  25. garra671

    How to kill ich

    so I'm not sure if this was just a coincidence or if it inadvertently did kill off the ich in my system. Since I started my reed tank, (roughly a 1 1/2 years ago) my tank was plagued by ich, I couldn't get a fish too survice for longer than 4 months (excluding wrasses and gobies). I would...