midas blenny

  1. Architeuthis

    Midas Blenny eating LPS

    Has anyone else experienced this? Midas blenny has been in the tank for probably 4-5 months and this is the first time I've witnessed this behavior.
  2. AquaLocker

    FishyBusinessAquatics.com - Unboxing Video - Check it out!

    Check out this unboxing video from Paul on YouTube! He received six fish from us: Midas Blenny, Royal Gramma, Yellow Coris Wrasse, Aiptasia Eating Filefish, Yellow Assessor, Rainford Goby! Watch video here: http://ow.ly/nIXl50vLrC6
  3. AquaLocker

    BLENNIES in Stock - Midas, Tail Spot, Lawnmower, and More!

    Shop Blennies: https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/fish/blennies/
  4. AquaLocker

    Blennies - 9 Species in Stock (including the awesome Midas Blenny)

    Shop all Blennies here: https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/fish/blennies
  5. AquaLocker

    Blennies - 12 Species in Stock

    OK, I must confess... I LOVE Blennies! They have such cool personalities. My current favorites are the Flametail Blenny and Midas Blenny. My Midas Blenny is called King Midas (I know, not original), he perches near the top of the tank and surveys his lands. Our Flametail has multiple crevices...
  6. Idoc

    Midas Blenny DOA - Live Aquaria

    Sadly, my first online order resulted in the Midas Blenny arriving DOA. Also received a Diamond Goby who is stressed, but so far still alive. Acclimated him to temp and salinity (1.018 from Liveaquaria)...he's in the QT resting but still breathing a little heavy... watching him closely...
  7. ThunderGoose

    Midas blenny compatibility

    I have a RSR 250 (55 gallons ID) and I'm looking at options for new fish. Would a Midas blenny work with yellow assessor, yellow watchman goby and neon blue goby? I've read that they're peaceful but may bother gobies. I also worry about my other yellow fish looking too much like a conspecific...
  8. ReefJCB

    Skittish Midas Blenny

    I have a new Midas Blenny that I just added to my display after a month in QT. He is super skittish and hides every time I walk by the tank. I am worried about him not getting enough food. In the QT it wasn't an issue for feeding because he had no competition. In my display though by the time...
  9. Eva Rose

    Midas Blenny - Help

    My Midas blenny was missing for 2 days. Before he was happy -swimming & eating normally. I looked everywhere. I found him this AM peeking out of his normal bolthole. He seem excited to see the food (LRS Reef Frenzy) but would only not leave his bolthole. He would exit about 2/3rds of the way...
  10. J

    How do you handle a bully in the tank?

    I had an issue today introducing some new fish and need advice on how I can proceed. I have a 5 ft mixed reef tank that I setup in the fall. I have 4 Tangs of differing species and the biggest fish in the tank is also my favorite one. It's a powder blue tang named Mully after Warriors great...
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