mixed nano reef

  1. Colorz

    Sure could use your advice pretty please if my lighting schedule needs adjusted :)

    Hello friends! Back into the hobby after 25 yrs and things sure have changed! I have looked for info about what my lighting should be, yet, haven't found anything that made me feel zen about it lol I have 28g AIO nanocube with a small mix of RBTA'S, 2 Kenya trees, 1 frogspawn, 1 hammer, few...
  2. Lerequin

    Build Thread Birmingham UK cryptic TMC reef habitat 60

    Hi there, thanks for taking a look at my build thread, your comments and suggestions are welcome. I studied biology and design (long story) and the last aquarium I built was a reef Berlin style system with a lot of DIY parts, including a HQI parking flood light, bare T5 balasts and the ensuite...
  3. Philler

    Nano Build Paul's 20G Tall Mixed Reefer

    Hey everyone! I decided to get back into reefing after a 10yr hiatus after my brother started one up again. I found a 20G Tall on the internet and gathered all my old equipment to start it up. It was the best decision I've made in a long time! Born January 1st, 2021. My 20G Tall has a...
  4. A

    Red Sea Max Nano

    Hi Everyone, I am awaiting my Red Sea Max Nano to arrive in the mail. In the meantime I am starting to debate how to set this up. I currently have a 40g breeder running, but looking to tear that down to use for the Max Nano. First question is, if I use the live rock from that tank and place it...
  5. crys

    Build Thread IM Fusion 20 Pro x XR30 Gen 2 pro (MIXED REEF) (drilled with sump

    August 30th, 2020 this was the day I brought home my im fusion 20 pro. Besides the tank I was hoping to go with a more modest budget friendly setup. I was able to setup my tank on a stand my brother and I made. I added black livesand and about 20lbs of love rock. I cycled my tank with a pair...
  6. obligatoryreefpun

    Build Thread 17g Nano Tank

    Hello everyone. I've been waiting to start this build for quite a while. For some background, this tank was originally my first successful reef tank. While it only ran for just over a year, it was quite a rewarding experience. Learning the ropes, doing the research, and of course, the payoff...
  7. saltybees

    Nano Build Canadian evo 13.5

    Here’s another Evo 13.5 SG 1.025 Alk 9 Calc 420 Mag 1400 https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/canadian-evo-13-5.790110/
  8. Themastaa

    AIO Build 32 Coralife Biocube reef

    Hi my name is Robert. I am from south jersey outside of philadelphia. I am 30 just got back into the hobby this Christmas. Bought my girlfriend a Biocube32 we got the stand from Coralife and the protein skimmer. We are almost 3 week into having it setup. We used caribsea bahamas oolite as...
  9. nbaker47

    Question about identifying. Input needed

    Hey everyone I’m Nick! this is my first post! Just wondering if anyone is able to identify the little things swimming near the top of the tank in the red circle when I shut my flow off to replace the filter floss. They seemed to be squirming and swimming pretty quickly! I feel like they could...
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