nano aquarium

  1. Cfellini91

    Kalkwasser Reactor for 25g. Nano

    I recently bought a reservoir and a Tunze ATO and am wanting to try using Kalk. but I don't want to mix it in the reservoir. I ordered the Two Little Fishes Kalk. Reactor 300 from BRS and now am second guessing if this one will work for a tank as small as mine. I know they can get expensive and...
  2. AshenEmberose

    My First Clownfish Tank

    Hey everyone! After doing tons of morph research, i found the perfect clownfish at my LFS for my future breeding project! This is also my first shot at a saltwater aquarium and its a nano, but I’ve done plenty of research and plan to document everything here to help newer reefers. I used to...
  3. wildcard

    New 40b - Return To Reefing

    I've been out of the hobby for about 15 years. I used to have a small nano, and my brother was the one with all the tanks. I started scouring Craigslist and other mediums to find a used tank. I found this 40 breeder not too far from my home for $20. So far I've removed the blue paint on the...
  4. AshenEmberose

    Beginner Needs Help

    Intro to my Setup So I’ve been researching this hobby for months, and I’ve decided to start cycling my quarantine tank first as a mini test before I fill up my 100 gallon aquarium. It’s a 10 gallon tank with a hang on the back filter that came with a piece of a black sponge type sheet that I’ve...
  5. Fishtankssuck

    Help! picking nano tank for college

    Hey all, I am going off to college soon and I’m looking for a good nano tank combo. I am hoping to find one with great filtration and a light that can support all types of coral. Ideally, it would be in the range of 20-30 gallons. My budget is about 600$, once I spend this I want my equipment to...
  6. sebasmac

    10 or 20 gallon tank?

    I'm new to saltwater aquariums and I would like to set up my nanoreef but I don't know if I should go for a 10 or 20 gallon tank. I know a 20 gallon tank would be more stable. I will be keeping this tank while I live in my apartment by myself and studying in university.
  7. Caleb M

    First Build thread with my AIO IM 25G Lagoon

    Hello everyone this is going to be the process of my 25g lagoon tank, sadly I cant set up the tank just yet and also sadly not anytime soon but sooner then most ha ha. There are quite a few things I gotta do first. Gotta do it right and slow, slow is smooth smooth is fast ha ha Still gotta get...
  8. Lacrette1991

    Need some help with Coral Identification

    Hey guys, I picked up some live rock for my Nano that came with a few corals a fellow hobbies no longer wanted. I personally added pulsing Xenia and Frogspawn. So far I can identify the green star polyps but that’s about it. Here are pics of all the corals in my aquarium.
  9. Aqua Splendor

    ༺ ᴀq͎ᴜᴀ ꜱᴘʟᴇɴᴅᴏʀ - ɴᴀɴᴏ ʀᴇᴇꜰ ༻

    I'm super excited to finally enter in my first Aquarium competition, it's a competition on "365 Day Challenge", I always wanted to participate in this kind of event, this time the timing is good . I wanted to show my aquarium also on Reef2Reef so everyone can see it. My name is...
  10. finn_reef18

    Conflicted about sump/refugium for my 13G...

    Currently cycling my 13G nano cube and I’m completely torn on wether or not to go the extra mile and sump my tank. The benefits are obvious, but I guess my question is - has anyone ran their nano without sumps and with success? If I want to sump my tank I’m looking at the Eshopps Cube Nano...
  11. ahaas248

    Do you consider a tank above 30 gallons to be nano?

    Why are tanks above 30 gallons considered “nano”. I feel like that needs to be changed because calling 30, 35, or 40 gallon tanks nano Just seems very not right. They are not nano at all in my opinion, the cost of setting them up is especially not nano. What do you think?
  12. M3d1C

    Kessil A80 for a 7 gallon??

    Okay, so I have a Lifeguard 7 gallon slant front nano reef I've just started. I'm looking at replacing the Lifeguard Aquatics LED light that came with the tank with a Kessil A80, gooseneck and Spectral Controller for ease of use and the awesome shimmer effect. My questions are this... 1) Does...
  13. Reefer37

    My IM Micro 30 Build

    So this is actually my second tank. I need to make a build thread for my main DT, which is a JBJ45, but my pictures are so scattered between time periods I wouldn't even know where to start on it. Anyway, I picked up this Innovative Marine Micro 30, Aqueon 100w heater, Aqueon Freshwater LED...
  14. M3d1C

    My Little Reef Tank

    Hello Neighbor, How's it going? Kind of excited to announce my wife and I's first reef tank. What I present to you is our new (to us) tacticle-sized reef tank. It's a Lifeguard 7 gallon with built in back filtration chambers that my wife and I picked up second hand from Facebook marketplace...
  15. Jeremy K.A.

    5g Flow increase

    Hey everybody I have a marineland portrait 5 gallon tank and run it's return pump at 100%. It's the pump that came with it, if you don't know the tank it's a AIO system. I personally would like more flow.. it seems underwhelming to me and I'd like something that's more than just a steady stream...
  16. ReefReadyYouTube

    10 gallon nano build (HOB Refugium style)

    I wanted another reef tank but didn’t have a hole bunch of room so I decided to do a nano build. I followed inappropriate reefers nano build on youtube for my build. Before I got my supplies I had to get a stand. I decided I wanted to make the stand because it would be cheaper and would only...
  17. ReefReadyYouTube

    Are small tanks really harder to maintain?

    I hear all the time that small tanks are harder to maintain because of less water volume, any mess ups and your screwed. But with a large tank isn’t it harder to come back from a mess up because there’s soo much water. With a smaller tank you also don’t have to use as much of a product like for...
  18. ReefReadyYouTube

    Livestock for 10 gallon nano?

    I’m currently building a 10 gallon nano and need live stock ideas. I don’t want clownfish since I already have a pair in my Biocube. I was thinking a trio of cardinal fish (Pajama/banggai) but what would happen if two of them pair up. Would they pick on the third. What are some other good...
  19. B

    Fluval 13.5 set up! New upgrades coming!’

    What’s up everyone I recently set up my Fluval 13.5 tank, I did some little upgrades so far with a InTank Media Basket with Chemi Pure Blue and some Marine Pure Balls, then in the center chamber I are a mini refuge with some chaeto, marine pure balls and a mini refuge light. I also upgraded the...
  20. Unodostrace

    I’m looking for advice on coral stocking to round out my 10g Nano

    I’m really just looking for an encrusting piece or a couple of other pieces to round out my stocking in my first ever reef tank. It’s a standard 10g lighted by a Kessil A80. It’s stocked with a decent CUC, cleaner shrimp, Yellow clown goby, and a high fin goby/pistol shrimp combo. My nutrients...
  21. D

    Did I mess up my cycling?

    Equipment: 13.5 gal Fluval Evo and all default accessories 10 lbs CaribSea Liferock (came dry) 5 lbs misc dry rock 20lbs CaribSea Arag Alive Fine Reef Sand Here's what happened: 1. I put the tank together on a bookshelf, mixing my water, pouring it over the sand, adding the rocks 2. Hours...
  22. D

    Stocking 13.5 Gallon Tank

    Hello, this is my first time making a saltwater tank and first time posting! Thanks for the helpful threads so far :) I was planning to only have corals in my aquarium but my roommate convinced me adding fish would be better. I like the idea so I am considering what to get. So far: -Pistol...
  23. nanoShearer

    Refugium for Fluval Evo 13.5

    Hi, everyone! I'm looking for information on creating a refugium in the second chamber of my Fluval Evo 13.5. Has anyone done this? If so, did it make a difference in the nutrient levels in your tank? I'm worried that the refugium would be too small to make any noticeable difference. I'd...
  24. Huenemedoe

    Shallow 5 Gallon Rubble Reef Glass Up Build

    Hello Everybody! I started this build for a few reasons..... 1. It was super fun!!!!!! 2. Space requirements 3. Higher nitrates for mushrooms and softies I definitely encourage everyone to try a build like this at least once! With a little patience and organizational skills it was actually a...
  25. reefdoink

    Hello, From Indiana

    Hello R2R members, For starters I am pretty new to saltwater but have been involved in some basic freshwater setups in the past. My current setup is a work in progress. Equipment list so far: DT / Sump: 60 gal marine land (4 ft long 12 7/8 wide and about 2 ft tall) Bashea 30-14-16 Sump...
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