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  1. ReefReadyYouTube

    Livestock for 10 gallon nano?

    I’m currently building a 10 gallon nano and need live stock ideas. I don’t want clownfish since I already have a pair in my Biocube. I was thinking a trio of cardinal fish (Pajama/banggai) but what would happen if two of them pair up. Would they pick on the third. What are some other good...
  2. B

    Fluval 13.5 set up! New upgrades coming!’

    What’s up everyone I recently set up my Fluval 13.5 tank, I did some little upgrades so far with a InTank Media Basket with Chemi Pure Blue and some Marine Pure Balls, then in the center chamber I are a mini refuge with some chaeto, marine pure balls and a mini refuge light. I also upgraded the...
  3. Unodostrace

    I’m looking for advice on coral stocking to round out my 10g Nano

    I’m really just looking for an encrusting piece or a couple of other pieces to round out my stocking in my first ever reef tank. It’s a standard 10g lighted by a Kessil A80. It’s stocked with a decent CUC, cleaner shrimp, Yellow clown goby, and a high fin goby/pistol shrimp combo. My nutrients...
  4. D

    Did I mess up my cycling?

    Equipment: 13.5 gal Fluval Evo and all default accessories 10 lbs CaribSea Liferock (came dry) 5 lbs misc dry rock 20lbs CaribSea Arag Alive Fine Reef Sand Here's what happened: 1. I put the tank together on a bookshelf, mixing my water, pouring it over the sand, adding the rocks 2. Hours...
  5. D

    Stocking 13.5 Gallon Tank

    Hello, this is my first time making a saltwater tank and first time posting! Thanks for the helpful threads so far :) I was planning to only have corals in my aquarium but my roommate convinced me adding fish would be better. I like the idea so I am considering what to get. So far: -Pistol...
  6. nanoShearer

    Refugium for Fluval Evo 13.5

    Hi, everyone! I'm looking for information on creating a refugium in the second chamber of my Fluval Evo 13.5. Has anyone done this? If so, did it make a difference in the nutrient levels in your tank? I'm worried that the refugium would be too small to make any noticeable difference. I'd...
  7. AquaLocker

    What's In Your Nano Tank??? Post your photos & share recommendations on stocking!

    Nano Tanks are becoming more and more popular! For the sake of this post, let's assume a nano tank is anything 30 gallons or less. Please post your nano tank photos, your recommendations, and warnings here! Looking for the fish in this post, we have a huge selection of awesome nano tank...
  8. Huenemedoe

    Shallow 5 Gallon Rubble Reef Glass Up Build

    Hello Everybody! I started this build for a few reasons..... 1. It was super fun!!!!!! 2. Space requirements 3. Higher nitrates for mushrooms and softies I definitely encourage everyone to try a build like this at least once! With a little patience and organizational skills it was actually a...
  9. reefdoink

    Hello, From Indiana

    Hello R2R members, For starters I am pretty new to saltwater but have been involved in some basic freshwater setups in the past. My current setup is a work in progress. Equipment list so far: DT / Sump: 60 gal marine land (4 ft long 12 7/8 wide and about 2 ft tall) Bashea 30-14-16 Sump...
  10. Kohuku's_reef

    IM Nuvo 25 Black

    Thanks for Checking out my LPS Nano build. The tank has been up and running since August 2019, with plans to create and LPS Dominant Tank focusing one Acans and Euphylia. I started Cycling Dry Reef Rock in a bio Cube 14 back in June using Dr. Tim's Ammonia, One and Only and Waste Away. While...
  11. J

    Connecticut Fluval Evo 13.5 plus extras

    No chips or crack on glass (holds water), Just comes with aquaknight light, protein skimmer, wavemaker, homemade lid and glass cleaner. It has the original pump, sponge and lid. Looking for $120
  12. Coulter Schmidt

    Overflow Box for HOB filter (No hanging bracket)

    I ordered an overflow box for my filter but it didn't come with a hanging bracket, they don't specify on their website whether or not they come with one but some pictures I saw had one. I emailed them asking if it was a mistake or it was my misunderstanding. I'm waiting for their email before I...
  13. Dlewis0714

    It looks like I've got some weird grass or algae. What is this stuff???

    I only have this grass stuff on this one rock. It's growing pretty fast. Water parameters are good but nitrates are around 20-25ppm with api test kit. I have 2 orange face clowns, bangai cardinal, neon dottyback, and a bta in my 36 gallon bowfront. I'm running 2 coralife 30g hob filters with...
  14. C_mo97

    My Redsea Max NANO Mixed Reef Tank

    So I am new to the hobby and my tank is about three months old. I will be posting updated progress of coral growth and my tank build in general. Display Pictures: At the moment I am running everything that came with this AIO except for the filter sock and the ATO. I added my own ATO instead...
  15. EmilyXLC

    Florida Waterbox Aquariums Cube 20 with Custom Cabinetry, Return Pump and AquaIllumination Prime HD Lighting Kit

    Up for grabs is a custom Waterbox Aquariums Cube 20 with custom black cabinet, featured in the Waterbox Cube Battle Series. Comes with return pump, AquaIllumination Prime HD lighting/arm, and filter sock holder. Cabinet has custom decal affixed. $450 OBO Local pick up in Longwood, FL only...
  16. S

    Biocube 14 AI Prime Mod Keeping Hood

    Hello all this will be my first post so hope to peak some interest and as always get some feedback/input/ideas from all of you. Been out of the hobby for several years but something peaked my interest and I got sucked back into the vortex. I ended up picking up a Biocube 14 and After cycling...
  17. rsteilberg

    Considering starting a reef--couple of questions

    Hello, I've been doing some research over the past week about getting into the hobby and starting my own nano. I love scuba diving and had a tank when I was a kid and would love to get back into the hobby. I'm so overwhelmed by all of the different pieces of equipment, steps, etc. necessary to...
  18. LaraLouM

    New 32G Biocube

    Just got a new-to-is Biocube 32G yesterday! Woohoo! We previously only had a 13.5G so this is really going to be a nice sized upgrade for us (yes I know it is still considered nano/small lol). The tank had been up and running and I believe used for housing anemones. It came with sand, water...
  19. prfishgirl


    Im looking for something small for a 14g nano tank
  20. prfishgirl

    20x14x12 pico aquariums setup

    Hi guys i have a 75g but this will be a build for me and my two little ones who want to venture and have their own piece of the ocean. This aquarium holds roughly 14 gallon...i'll be picking up the tank this weekend but i'm in search of a decent light for the tank without spending too much money...
  21. prfishgirl

    Nano tank

    so my 10 y/o has been bugging me for a small tank of her own so I found a good price on a 20x14x12.. just not sure what light to use on it.. only softies and maybe lps will be in this tank eventually... any recommendations? Im not trying to spend $300 on a light either Thanks guys
  22. Grootzilla

    Biocube 32: the cubening

    I just wanted to start a solid thread about my tank that isn't in the meet and greet forum lol. I have a Biocube32 with the stock lights at the moment (though I do plan to upgrade when I have the money for it), with an intank media basket that has filter floss on the top shelf and packed with...
  23. Cali-Saltwater-1st-Timer

    California Innovative Marine Nuvo 20 and Nuvo APS Stand

    Hello everyone, I am selling a Innovative Marine AIO Nuvo 20 and Nuvo APS stand both purchased from Marine Depot. Both are in perfect condition with no scratches or blemishes. The tank and stand are five months old, both purchased in October. The stand is built with anodized aluminum so no...
  24. MarineDepot

    VIDEO: Top 10 Nano Reefer Mistakes

    VIDEO: Top 10 Nano Reefer Mistakes Avoid these common pratfalls to ensure your nano reef is a success!
  25. VKP01

    Me and My 4g Reef - Dinos + Algae Resolved (build thread)

    Hey all! This is my first build thread, so I’m still figuring everything out. I started this tank in September of 2018, so I’m going to do a couple posts getting up to date, then continuing on as we progress! Some tank info: The aquarium is Lifegard Aquatic’s new 4.14g all-in-one crystal...
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