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Sep 30, 2019
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So this is actually my second tank.
I need to make a build thread for my main DT, which is a JBJ45, but my pictures are so scattered between time periods I wouldn't even know where to start on it.

Anyway, I picked up this Innovative Marine Micro 30, Aqueon 100w heater, Aqueon Freshwater LED (gonna use on a betta tank I'm about to start up), IM Minimax Media Reactor, and stand all for $125. Honestly, it's a really clean tank. The gentleman I purchased it from was actually off here, who never got to use it, and the guy originally owned it used it only for freshwater. My plan is to use it as a frag/grow out/coral QT tank.

So here's the plan:
Filtration: Came with stock media baskets. Chamber 1: probably gonna run filter floss
Chamber 2: Siporax media rings (if I can find a way to fit them, open to any suggestions)
Chamber 3: ?? I run carbon in the third chamber in my DT and Chemi-pure on the other side, so I might leave empty or try and do the same which leads me to the next thing.
Media Reactor: plan is to run carbon for now, but may switch out for GFO, not sure.

Going to be using a AI Prime HD - I was actually pretty impressed with the power on this thing on my JBJ45, but eventually the main issue I ran into was shadowing so I upgraded to a Hydra 52.

Aquascape: wanting to do a three tiered structure kinda like the CaribSea Coral Tree but larger shelfs so I can get max use of the rock scape to place corals.

Skimmer: not too sure yet, looking into a Tunze 9001, but any recommendations are definitely recommended!

That's all for now, but excited to get this thing going!

IMG_20200215_093251.jpg IMG_20200215_093342.jpg IMG_20200215_093427.jpg IMG_20200215_093318.jpg IMG_20200215_092215.jpg
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Sep 30, 2019
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So finally getting around to updating this thread. Been a crazy past month as everyone knows. Lol

Anyway, I went really different with this scape. I wanted to do something that was tiered, but not unnatural looking because I really like natural aesthetics.

I ended up ultimately ordering rocks through Addictive Aquaculture. If you guys haven't checked out his rock selection, I definitely recommend it! His prices are awesome and the pieces he sent were perfect. I probably broke up one rock to do the whole build.

Anyway, it's been cycling the past week and begins the long wait.

I went ahead and went with totally different sand than my other tank and went for a Fiji Pink.
More updates to come.


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