new tank set up

  1. GuilhermeLba

    Live stocking ideas! HELP MEEE

    Hello guys, I'm new to the saltwater world, and I would love to hear some suggestions about which fish should I put in my tank, I already have a pair of clownfish and a shy juvenile yellow watchman goby (hoping he gets a lil bit more brave as he grows, if you have any experience with that fish...
  2. T

    Quarantine Tank Lesson Learn

    Valuable lessons often come at high prices. Unfortunately, today was one such day... Today, I leaned a Blue Spot Jawfish will indeed jump out of a 1.5” x 1.5” square section of an uncovered QT tank top. I should’ve known better after I saw the Flamehawk awhile back, in the pictured corner...
  3. Cclranger

    New tank advice algea...

    So my tank has had I think 2 diatom blooms. I have green algea now. I am thinking about getting a small protein skimmer. 40 gallon tank. All live rock and live sand. Any thoughts on a small protein skimmer? Does the new green algea look like it's getting out of control? The Duncan coral is...
  4. C

    New Tank Fishless Cycle Issues

    Hi Everyone, Long time lurker on this forum and recently got into the hobby (5 weeks marine, but 2 years freshwater). I set up my Red Sea Nano Max 75L 5 weeks ago with the included protein skimmer, Red Sea live sand, a couple of dry rocks, Marine Pure filter media spheres, and RODI water with...
  5. ReefRusty

    Build Thread My First build WATERBOX 70.2 mixed reef

    NEW TO THE SALTWATER WORLD Hi guys, Thought I would begin with a build thread. I am new to this side of aquariums and will be my first saltwater tank. Have had a small tropical for a few years and well I love the marine life and my young kids absolutely love going to see AQWA in Perth and...
  6. SkyDoodles

    Reef set up... Any inputs on ours?

    So we've been going for about 5 months...this is my first saltwater/reef tank. I have to many fish number one but two of the dang things were hiding so we'll we thought they died. So I now do water checks every other day to make sure I'm in parameters. We have 2 clowns, one fire, one...
  7. L

    First time tank/reef build

    Hey everyone! I will soon be moving into a new home and want to set up my first tank when I arrive. I'll be posting updates here:)
  8. SaltwaterTanks

    Red Sea Reefer Questions ??

    Hey guys , so I’ve had multiple saltwater fish tanks for a while now and have always wanted a Red Sea reefer , if I got one it would probably be a 100 gallon. I do have one old model that’s only 30 gallons but it’s very old so there’s nothing new to it . I’m not sure if I really understand the...
  9. vivekshankarpmk

    Are they Diatoms

    Hi All, Its been 40 days since starting my cucling. Used traditional Shrimp method for ammonia source and used Aquaforest BIO S for bacteria colonizing , As on continous monitoring there are brown algae formed on the rocks and the glass . I am confused is this diatoms that come when the nitrate...
  10. T

    My new Sump & Refugium plum/design, any advise?

    Hello, I've been out of Aquariums for 10 years, after running all sorts for 15 before hand. So I had lots of pieces and parts and someone needed their 150g gone, I gladly accepted! I have about 200lbs dry rock that sat for a week in RO flushed every other day. Roughly 120lbs of live rock...
  11. MichaelP121579

    Tank Swap

    I Currently have a JBJ AIO 30 Gallon tank, I was going to put a sump under it, well the Esshops cube Medium I ordered is 1" to big, so I looked into getting a stand. Then I found a new tank I bought it cheap. 31x31x15! Love it! BUT.... the concern now is I bought a skimz quitepro 2.0 return...
  12. Orphek Atlantik Compact V4 (Gen 2) LED fixture

    Orphek Atlantik Compact V4 (Gen 2) LED fixture

    My lighting set up for my new SCA 150
  13. Alexx17

    Red line on new clownfish

    i got 4 clownfish from my lfs on Yesterday and this morning I noticed this red line near his tail. Is this normal for a new clown? He also has been the only one swimming against the font of glass from side to side. He doesn’t do it all the time. Just everyone and again presses against the glass...
  14. Dodgersfan

    First Reef Tank - Final Equipment List - Want feedback on selections

    Hi Everyone! I've been in the hobby for about 10 years, but I've only kept freshwater and Fish Only saltwater in the past. after bouncing around both coasts for a few years we have now settled down outside of Atlanta, and purchased a home a few months ago. Now that we're going to stay in one...
  15. damselindistress

    Brand New Reefer

    Hello all and thanks for the warm welcome I've already received. I'm an avid aquarist with 5 freshwater tanks and I've finally worked up my nerve to dive into saltwater (see what I did there? Today I set up my Fluval Evo 13.5 - see pic below. I used 13-14 lbs of Carib Sea Life Rock and 10 lbs...
  16. FLSharkvictim

    Build Thread My new Rimless SC-150 from SC Aquariums

    I just ordered there SC-150 Rimless tank today which has been custom drilled for my Synergy External Overflow Box that's 20'' in length .. I will be using all Spears Gate valves and Cepex Ball Valves on my entire build and it will be hard plumbed with BRS Grey PVC pipe. There will be a Manafoild...
  17. Monte Blair

    Hello and a couple questions

    Hello everyone! My name is Monte. My wife, Evy (pronounced E-V), and I live in San Diego, CA. We just recently started our first tank. It's 30 gallons and is doing great! I have 7 corals, two anemones, two clowns, a ruby red dragonette, red fire shrimp, a few turbos, a few snails, and 1 royal...
  18. Sammi Mi

    New Tank setup

    Hi! My name is sammi, new to this hobby. I've done a lot of research over the past few months prior to even buying anything. Got the tank started last week, water, live sand, all equipment (canister filter, protein skimmer, power heads, heater, etc...) Finally bought some live rock today and got...
  19. MICU murse

    Build Thread New tank startup

    Hey r2r, This is the first post of many to come detailing the startup and maintenance of my first saltwater tank. I'm mostly ignorant to the process other than what I have read online and I'm always receptive to tips and tricks. My setup was bought second hand includes this far: -55 gallon tank...
  20. MICU murse

    First tank

    I have just starting cycling my first tank. It's a 55 gallon tank with 25 lbs of dry live rock and a few pounds of live rock from my local pet store. I also have a bed of live sand and I have used a bacterial supplement as well. Assuming I will need an additional ammonia supply I plan to...
  21. Luca'sMom

    Most loved filter for 30g tank?

    Hi all:) Just going the through the list of "what to buy" for my new 30g. Filters: well, my tank came with one but looks ancient. I am curious what you all would recommend as a good one that not too pricey and works well for a few torch corals and clownfish. Also something that isn't too loud...
  22. Don Lidtke

    Advice on a tank system

    I am looking at getting this system and I would like to get your feedback, it's the Red Sea Max S-650 LED system.
  23. jameswetton2895

    James Wetton Reefer 525xl Build

    Hi Everyone, So after 4 years on and off in this hobby ( more off ) and a reasonably successful last 12 months with a signature 600 and then a reefer 170, I now have a Reefer 525xl deluxe model. I have always found threads on tank builds a massive help and hopefully by me documenting my...