1. pathot984

    625XL Reefer Build

    My story begins approx. 15 years ago with me cruising down the fish isle at Petco and stumbled upon an Australian Harlequin Tusk-fish. With not knowing anything about the hobby, I still purchased him along with a 20 gallon fish tank, heater, and filter. After conducting more research on the...
  2. Braxtong123

    New frag swap- reefing related raffles on our facebook group!

    I started the Facebook group - Reefing Raffle Equipment Coral and More- in order to raise funds for a new frag swap in my local area (Hagerstown /Boonsboro /Frederick Maryland area). Here, we will host raffles including equipment and livestock-related to reefing. This is the groups' web...
  3. Brad Miller


    In lifelong years of freshwater and my recent conversion to reef keeping, Ive thoroughly enjoyed them all. My fear is that like other things, the true basics of any fishkeeping, especially saltwater, is, or will be lost forever, and replaced with complicated explanations to beginners of the...
  4. Helfish

    Help me understand why you love reefing (grad school project)

    Hi all! I am working on my Master’s in Service Design and currently doing research about customer behavior for a Finnish entrepreneur who is in the reefing retail and service business. Our team's aim is to better understand the hobbyist and the reasons why you have started reefing...
  5. uniquecorals

    WIN BIG! Enter to win this WYSIWYG Fluted Moon Coral

    Join in the fun! UC's barabattoia amicorum Give Away! Starting now. aka the Fluted Moon Coral Barabattoia WIN this beautiful WYSIWYG specimen by signing up here: Here's the Reefbuilders article on this special coral...
  6. spyder813

    Reefing.....what's for you, a Passion or a Hobby?

    The Difference Between a Passion and a Hobby What you’ll find is that a Passion is something you come back to. A Hobby is more of a passive interest. You try something out, maybe you enjoy doing it on the side or every once in awhile, but it’s not burning inside of you. You really could take it...
  7. Brian Goldstein

    California Want to BUY - BLACK WIDOW ANEMONE

    Hey Reefers- I am looking to buy a black widow nem; preferably a small one. Thanks :) -BG
  8. pokegirl1332

    Mandarin Goby Pros and Cons. eating?

    so currently have a 130 gallon water box an 30 gallon water box with my husband. in the 30 we keep our frags and pair of clowns, and in the 130 we have a purple tang, 2 davinci clowns, a melanarus wrasse (pardon my spelling), a coral beauty angel, and a flame angel. would like to get a goby and...
  9. Whysosalty

    Literally just staring at your tank for hours

    alright so does anyone find themselves gazing at their tank for hours on end? Like sometimes I’ll just walk by it and see something and then bam it pulls me in and next thing I know, 3 hours have flown by!!! My gf is trying to tell me this is not normal and that I’m obsessed!! Come in fellow...
  10. Reefer805

    29 gallon reef tank build.

    So I'm one week into my first ever build. Equipment Tank- aqueon 29 gallon Filter- Aquaclear 110 HOB, intank media basket Skimmer- Tunze 9001 in HOB filter. PowerHead- 2 koralia 425 nano, 1 aqueon 750 Heater- Hydor 100w in HOB filter Lighting- soon to be ecotech 72DX Media used- floss...
  11. Pipe Dreams: The In’s & Out’s Of Aquarium Plumbing

    Pipe Dreams: The In’s & Out’s Of Aquarium Plumbing

    You have a lot of options now-a-days when it comes to plumbing an aquarium and that can make the task a bit overwhelming. There are quite a few different solvents, glues, primers, fittings, piping, and sealants all with their own particular purpose. To complicate that a little more each one has...
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