royal gramma

  1. D

    Keeping royal grammas together

    I have been thinking about getting royal grammas for my 210 tank since people suggested them. Although i am wondering how many i can keep, im thinking 2-4? Or will more of them spread the aggression? Also, im not sure what to do with them when they are in the quarantine, since in small spaces i...
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  4. Cas

    Royal Gamma bullying yellow Goby

    Hello, I am having an issue with my Royal Gramma bullying my yellow Goby. I’ve had Royal for just over a month and bought my Goby a week later. Royal and the other fish in the tank, a pink streaked Wrasse who I’ve had for months, have both been showing hostility (raising fins and opening...
  5. Cambren Sievert

    Ich in my Tank!

    So yesterday I found out my royal gramma has ich unfortunately. It didn’t look to be a bad case of it and he is still eating and breathing well. Not sure how he got it but things happen I guess. I don’t currently have a quaretiene setup right now but I was planning on turning a spare 20 gallon...
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  7. eggplantparrot

    14G Not a Cube (Lots'a Pics)

    Hello reefing peeps, i have been wanting to do a build thread since i started working on my 75, but that project is on hiatus for various reasons. i have however, got a 14G running to get my feet wet in reefing. Before getting the 14G, i took a spare 10G and started learning the ways of the...
  8. Clarinuto

    where to find captive-bred royal gramma? and other newb questions

    I have read online that royal gramma's were able to be captive-bred long ago, but I don't see them for sale (at least not with the specific label that they were captive-bred)? Also, I added a royal gramma a week ago. She seemed to be doing well on day 1 and 2, but has disappeared since. I...
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