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Mar 14, 2017
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Alright, after solving another protozoan issue (although thankfully no losses this time) , I find myself back at the drawing table for this tank. I can never settle for what I want it to be.
Currently its running fairly high nutrients, somewhere between 100-150 on the nitrate but no apparent issue with algae. Running an Eshopps skimmer rated for what I believe to be 210 gallons and a fuge in a 30 gal sump. Thinking of adding a big bag of chemi pure even though clarity has been great (thinking it may eat at some phosphates). Considering carbon dosing to help with nitrates but wondering if lowering them is even necessary? Fish seem healthy with no abnormal behaviors... Alright here is what I am working with so far/

V-tail grouper 4"
Convict Tang 3"
French Angel 6"
Porcupine Puffer 4"
Green Scat 4"
Picasso Trigger 3"

Would it be wise to add anymore fish to this system? I'm well aware most of them will outgrow it as is. I was thinking a bicolor angel may make for a great flash of color though. Maybe even a butterfly fish? Any thoughts on how much capacity I have left? My only current issue is the Scat and Angel are constantly fussing at each other, considering removing the scat altogether.


Happy to help, Ask away.
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Oct 28, 2017
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Palm Springs area
Sure, I don’t remember each name but the species are
5 tangs
4 wrasses
2 clowns
2 blennys
2 gobys
1 anthias
2 angels
1 dragonette
1 niger trigger
1 hawk fish
I think I’m missing one but I can’t put my finger on it.
The only pair I have are the clowns. Everyone else are different subspecies from each other
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