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    Im unable to post in the WTB forum so Im posting here in hopes an admin member can help me get it into that forum. Im currently doing a 225Gal DT / 75Gal Sump and need a few items, if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated!

    1. (3) ocean revive T247 led lights (hoping with remotes)
    2. A skimmer powerful enough to support a 250g heavy rating, brs does a rating on their site that’s pretty on point.
    3. The motors for two mp-40’s with controllers, if the ones that I have aren’t 40’s then there def 60’s. I’ll post a pic in the comments. Powerheads that will be powerful enough for a 225g mixed reef tank, I’ve used Jebaos in the past and they were great. I’m interested in those.
    4. Any RODI units, something like the basic brs models.
    5. Salt (according to reef crystals about two buckets would make 320 gallons)
    6. Simple, new check valve for the return plumbing.
    7. Spare float valve to replace broken one in sump, for ATO.
    8. Mag float cleaner for a 225g tank.


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    I believe to post in the buying, selling, or wanted to buy forum you have to have been a member for more than 30 days and have 25 meaningful posts. These are posts where you engage in conversation. A simple "nice tank" or anything along those lines are not meaningful posts.
    HOpe this helps :)
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