Calling all wrasse experts!



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Dec 24, 2015
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Hello everyone! I need help introducing fairy wrasses to my dt! I know every fish is different and may have different mannerisms but I want to add a lot of wrasses to my display tank and I want you all to offer me some guidance and the order of introduction as well as shut my ideas down if you may think I will run into issues. I have a 180g dt (6x2x2), I can provide pics if needed but I have a super male flame wrasse (from what I believe), hes super colorful and I would say about full grown, he is between 3 1/4 -4inches. He has been in my dt for a while now and he is the only fairy wrasse at the moment, however, I do have a 4 inch transitioning female blue star leopard wrasse turning male and a 2 and a half inch yellow choris wrasse. I have a 14x6x4 acclimation box which I will use upon introduction but I want to also add a few more fairy wrasses which are:
Lineatus male or female (im open to either one depending on which way you would steer me, also open to pairs)
Golden Rhomboid male or female
laboutes male or female
Splendid pintail fairy wrasse male or female
Based off of your knowledge, will any of these wrasses kill each other? Is there any of these wrasses I should avoid? What would be the best order of introduction? If you can provide me with general guidance I would really appreciate it!! thanks!

I recently went through this, and found this thread helpful when adding the fairy wrasses. I ended up with a few in the lanceolatus group (Flame, Roseafascia, Earls), I've been fortunate and they're all getting a long in my system (84x34x27).

I did add the fairy wrasse one species at a time, but I agree with the advice about adding the fish simultaneously if possible. Regarding sequence, I agree with Laboute's last.

I held my fairy and flasher wrasses in acclimation for one week. Not sure if others recommend acclimation for a different duration of time, but this worked for me.

I have a well established full grown Potter's about 4.5". I recently added a trio of meleagris leopards that are small around 1-1.5" and the full grown Potter's has not taken any interest. I did not place the leopards in an acclimation box. I also added a pair of radiant wrasse recently and no acclimation in their case either.

No aggression from the other wrasse in the system toward either the radiants or the leopards. They have all taken to eating freeze dried and frozen food. I feed freeze dried mysis and calanus via the plank and for frozen I feed mysis, calanus, and reef caviar.


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Oct 6, 2013
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Thanks for chiming in. I’ve read that lennardi need cooler water, have you found this to be true? I run my tank at 76. How long have you had your femininus? How’s its temperament?
I maintain my tank temp at 75-76 and they are both doing fine. I have the lennardi now for about 2 yrs and feminines about 1 yr.

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