Captive-Bred vs Wild ???

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Apr 10, 2021
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That's pretty dramatic. Yellow tang collection wasn't destroying the environment. Most of Hawaii was already protected, and fish collectors were licensed. Hawaii is the most studied and protected fishery in the world. The citizens voted that they didn't want any fish to leave the island. The decision was sociological and political, and not an issue of sustainability. There are examples of sustainable fisheries all over the place. And in many of those places, the licenses pay for conservation of wildlife.

Over-fishing leads to a reduction in the amount of reef fish species in many locations, which can disrupt the delicate ecological balance on the reef. Destructive fishing practices can also damage coral reefs. Additionally, marine debris, such as derelict fishing gear and trash, and invasive species, such as marine algae, negatively impact coral reefs.

Fishing pressure has a direct impact on sustainability of reef fish. Different fish species are depleted at different rates based on how desirable they are. Surgeonfish are the most depleted, while Snapper fishing is sustainable. Data from PIFSC 2016 MHI reef fish stock assessment.

- NOAA, 2018 Hawaiian Reef Status Report

It's not dramatic, it's the truth.
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