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Discussion in 'Aquarium Nutrition' started by Curryb15, Jun 25, 2017.

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    Hello all,
    I am deep into my 50 gal cube build and have throughly planned out every aspect but I am stuck on this one. I'm trying to come up with an idea or plan on what I want or need to dose. I know eventually calcium, mag, and alk will most likely need to be dosed but what I really interested in is what other people dose beside the normal stuff. More specifically coral food and or vitamins/nutrition. I will have a mainly softy / lps tank leaning heavily more to lps. Water changes will be done every week and there will be an algae reactor on the system. I'm going for a fairly low nutrient system. I will be purchasing a dosing setup although I'm not sure which one yet. So tell me what does everyone dose in terms of coral food or vitamins etc ?

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    I use multiple Jeabo dosing pumps since they are cheap but work. They come with 4 heads!!!!; plus a spare for like 60$. I have 4 divided between two tanks. Since you do waterchanges you probably will not have to dose trace elements. Dosing alk,calc and mag will be a must. If you plan on doing an ULNS they dose amino acid or if you don't do ULNS still dose amino acids. Acropower has been a reputable brand and has been reviewed many times. I believe I might have a thread on it with some info that might be useful. Other than those 4 you should be good to go. To start out :)
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    Really wanted to get the Apex doser but its $300 and only 2 heads. Got the Jaebo instead and it was $80 with 4 heads. Super simple to use and replacement motors are very cheap. Only dosing Ca and Alk but plan to dose Mg as well and still have an extra head!
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