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Neptune Systems APEX Wi-Fi Controller System

Alex C

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Jun 25, 2019
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Selling a like new Neptune Apex System. Purchased new from my LFS in August of 2019. Used for the last 3 months and then packed back up when I broke down my tank. The ORP and PH probe have been properly stored in storage solution with caps on. It comes with all original accessories, usb cable, documentation, power bar, usb cable, main unit, etc. all in the original box! Seriously this is basically new but without the price tag. It also comes with a new calibration kit with the solutions required to calibrate the probes just like new! Asking $675 shipped. I also have a WXM module for controlling Vortech pumps and the Neptune probe holder. Selling the probe holder for $25 shipped, and the WXM module for $85 shipped both come in original packaging.

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