New rock in 9 year reef

Discussion in 'Nuisance Algae (including bacteria)' started by Zazzy, Mar 22, 2018.

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    So I added more dry rock into my reef and over the past week ONLY that new rock began to form diatoms and air bubbles. I dose 20ml of white vinegar everyday. My nitrates are undetectable and don't have phosphate test kit but just added a ton of phosguard little more then I should have to be safe.
    all my parameters are in check. I also upgraded to an40 gallon sump around the same time. Is this just a mini cycle

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    By my understanding, a cycle involves ammonia levels registering, converting to nitrite (again at detectable levels) and then finally nitrate. So, in my understanding, this isn't a "cycle" but rather just the new rock going through the new stages to become "live"
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