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Nov 16, 2016
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I'm trying to use one of my small 3'x 1'x 1' tanks for a quarantine tank. I got a sponge filter to just run in the tank, but the air pump is so loud, I am thinking of other options.


I am actually using one just like this, that has an overflow box in the corner with a 1.5" bulkhead and 1" bulkhead. I am going to remove the overflow box, cap the 1.5" bulkhead and use the 1" bulkhead as follows:

Use a MaxiJet in the tank with 1/2" tube to bulkhead where 1/2" 90 elbow hosebarb is threaded into bulkhead.

Another 90 elbow hosebarb will be threaded on external side of 1" bulkhead

I have a TLF 150 reactor that will be connected to 1/2" tube from MaxiJet. Return will go into 3/4" hole on top of tank with locline

Inside of 3/4" hole will be loc line with small flared nozzle or round nozzle aimed towards wall of tank

I currently have the sponge from the sponge filter in the sump of my display tank. When I want to set up the QT, can I just take that sponge and put it in my TLF150 (trimming to fit) to accelerate cycle?

I'll also have a ball valve on the 1/2" tubing before the TLF150 to control flow. Maxijet will have a screen on the input side.

Hows this sound? Will also have thermometer, ammonia badge, some PVC hiding places in tank when running


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Feb 3, 2018
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La Quinta, Ca.
I do exactly what you asked about, taking a sponge from your display tank. I keep a couple black porous filter sponges in my sump just for this purpose. Whenever I need to set up a quick QT tank, I put those sponges in there. As you said, it helps "speed up" or even eliminate a cycle. I've done it on multiple occasions without a problem.
One piece of advice, though. I'd use a separate sponge rather than one you're currently using for a filter. That way all the crap you're filtering doesn't transfer over to the QT tank. I place mine in a part of the sump where not too much junk gets trapped by them.
Keep us posted!!

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